28 Facts About David Hockney

1. David Hockney painting sells for $90 million, setting auction record.

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2. David Hockney is the world's most expensive living artist as of Thursday night, when "Portrait of an Artist", his big, color-soaked picture from 1972, sold at Christie's New York for $90.3 million.

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3. David Hockney painting sells for $90.3m at auction, breaking record for a living artist.

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4. David Hockney poses in front of the Queen's Window, a new stained glass window at Westminster Abbey he designed and which was created by Barley Studio York, as it is revealed for the first time on.

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5. David Hockney painting sells for $90.3m, a record for a living artist.

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6. David Hockney painting Portrait of an Artist sells for $90.3 million.

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7. From a David Hockney painting to Marie Antoinette's pearl, here are 4 record-breaking collectibles auctioned this week.

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8. David Hockney is about to shatter Jeff Koons' record-setting "Balloon Dog" sale.

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9. David Hockney painting fetches $90.3 million, shattering auction record for a living artist.

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10. David Hockney was commissioned to design the cover and pages for the December 1985 issue of the French edition of Vogue.

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11. David Hockney was a founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in 1979.

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12. In 1963, David Hockney was first represented by art dealer John Kasmin.

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13. David Hockney was offered a knighthood in 1990 but declined, before accepting an Order of Merit in January 2012.

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14. The largest solo exhibition David Hockney has had, with 397 works of art in more than 18,000 square feet, was curated by Gregory Evans and included the only public showing of The Great Wall, developed during research for Secret Knowledge, and works from 1999 to 2013 in a variety of media from camera lucida drawings to watercolors, oil paintings, and digital works.

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15. David Hockney said, in a 2012 interview, "It's about big things.

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16. David Hockney assisted in displaying the works and the exhibition, which ran until January 2007, was one of the gallery's most successful.

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17. David Hockney has been featured in over 400 solo exhibitions and over 500 group exhibitions.

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18. In 2017, David Hockney was awarded the San Francisco Opera Medal on the occasion of the revival and restoration of his production for Turandot.

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19. David Hockney returned more frequently to Yorkshire in the 1990s, usually every three months, to visit his mother who died in 1999.

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20. David Hockney picked the process back up in 2017, this time using the more advanced Agisoft PhotoScan photogammetric software which allowed him to stitch together and rearrange thousands of photos.

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21. In 2010 and 2011, David Hockney visited Yosemite National Park to draw its landscape on his iPad.

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22. Since 2009, David Hockney has painted hundreds of portraits, still lifes and landscapes using the Brushes iPhone and iPad application, often sending them to his friends.

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23. In December 1985, David Hockney used the Quantel Paintbox, a computer program that allowed the artist to sketch directly onto the screen.

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24. In 1973 David Hockney began a fruitful collaboration with Aldo Crommelynck, Picasso's preferred printer.

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25. David Hockney responded by creating The Hollywood Collection, a series of lithographs recreating the art collection of a Hollywood star, each piece depicting an imagined work of art within a frame.

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26. David Hockney experimented with printmaking as early as a lithograph Self-Portrait in 1954, and worked in etchings during his time at RCA.

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27. In November 2015 David Hockney sold his house in Bridlington, a five-bedroomed former guest house, for £625,000, cutting all his remaining ties with the town.

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28. At the Royal College of Art, David Hockney featured in the exhibition Young Contemporaries—alongside Peter Blake—that announced the arrival of British Pop art.

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