25 Facts About Dennis Edwards

1. Dennis Edwards stayed signed to Motown Information, but as a solo action, a career that was not as effective as he hoped.

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2. Dennis Edwards joined the group in 1968 to replace lead singer David Ruffin.

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3. Dennis Edwards was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and started singing at the age of two in his father's church.

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4. Dennis Edwards joined the legendary Motown quintet in 1968 and sang lead on some of their biggest hits, including "I Can't Get Next To You", "Cloud Nine" and "Ball Of Confusion.

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5. In 1977, Dennis Edwards quit the Temptations after asking for a million-dollar contract and being refused.

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6. Dennis Edwards featured again on their 1972 classic Papa Was a Rollin' Stone, which won the band a second Grammy.

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7. Dennis Edwards was impersonated Charles Ley in the 1998 biographical miniseries according to The Temptations.

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8. Dennis Edwards was the on-again-off-again lead singer of the legendary Motown band, The Temptations, and was responsible for many of their hits.

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9. Dennis Edwards gave the world some beautiful numbers to hum during his career with 'The Temptations.

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10. Dennis Edwards relocated in the 1980s to Florissant, Missouri to be closer to his mother.

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11. Dennis Edwards died on February, 1 2018 at the age of 74, just 2 days before his 75th birthday after a battle with Meningitis.

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12. Dennis Edwards was portrayed as Charles Ley in a biographical miniseries released in 1998 that was based on the history of 'The Temptations'.

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13. Dennis Edwards tried his luck at a solo career in the mid 1980s when he released the hit 'Don't Look Any Further,' in 1984.

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14. Dennis Edwards initially joined the group in 1968 after replacing David Ruffin and he sang with the group until 1976 when he struck out on his own.

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15. Dennis Edwards was brought off on 47 minutes, with Wood playing the whole game in win that sees the Sandgrounders rise to 18th in the division.

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16. Arizona State head coach Herm Dennis Edwards, left, and defensive coordinator Danny Gonzales.

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17. Dennis Edwards brings experience to the point position, and freshman twin sisters Bekka and Hannah Allick will provide size up front.

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18. Dennis Edwards led MCC with 19 points right before Fleming hit his foul shots to tie the game.

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19. Dennis Edwards died in a Chicago hospital on February 1, 2018, two days before his 75th birthday.

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20. Dennis Edwards moved to Florissant, Missouri in the 1980s to be closer to his mother.

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21. Dennis Edwards was briefly married to Ruth Pointer, whom he wed in Las Vegas in 1977.

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22. In 1989, Dennis Edwards was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Temptations.

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23. Dennis Edwards began missing shows and rehearsals, and was replaced in 1984 by Ali-Ollie Woodson.

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24. In 1982, Dennis Edwards got the chance to sing with Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks as part of the Reunion album and tour.

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25. Dennis Edwards was the first singer to join the Temptations after their "Classic 5" period.

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