42 Facts About Dillian Whyte

1. Dillian Whyte has promised to "whup" Anthony Joshua—but will first focus on his upcoming rematch with Derek Chisora.

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2. Dillian Whyte says karma is catching up with Deontay Wilder.

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3. Dereck Chisora believes Dillian Whyte is taking a risk fighting him before Anthony Joshua.

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4. Anthony Joshua next fight: Dillian Whyte promises to 'whup' rival heavyweight when they meet.

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5. Dillian Whyte believes Oleksandr Usyk will struggle at heavyweight and would "maul him all night long" should they fight.

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6. Dillian Whyte addresses Oleksandr Usyk's plans to move up to heavyweight.

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7. Dillian Whyte was in attendance of the Manchester Arena to see the.

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8. Dillian Whyte has promised to dethrone undisputed cruiserweight king Oleksandr Usyk when the Ukrainian moves up to heavyweight.

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9. Dillian Whyte provides his verdict on Tony Bellew's defeat to Oleksandr Usyk.

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10. On Saturday night, Dillian Whyte was ringside at Manchester Arena as Usyk likely took part in his last fight at the cruiserweight limit.

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11. Dillian Whyte believes Oleksandr Usyk will struggle at heavyweight and would "maul him all night long" should they fight.

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12. Dillian Whyte was in attendance of the Manchester Arena to see the undefeated Ukrainian.

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13. Dillian Whyte has promised to dethrone undisputed cruiserweight king Oleksandr Usyk when he moves up to heavyweight.

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14. Dillian Whyte would be a good option for Takam if he wasn't already scheduled to face Chisora again.

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15. Dillian Whyte insists Dereck Chisora's partnership with David Haye is doomed to fail.

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16. Dillian Whyte still has a burning desire to 'smash' David Haye and welcomed the former world champion to come out of retirement for a future fight.

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17. Dillian Whyte has promised to retire Chisora before the end of the year, with 'the Body.

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18. Dillian Whyte has surprisingly reiterated his desire to face retired former heavyweight world champion David Haye.

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19. Dillian Whyte says he wants to 'smash' David Haye after he beats Dereck Chisora and calls him out of retirement.

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20. Dillian Whyte named a short-list of opponents that he'd like to face—and Parker was not on the list.

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21. Dillian Whyte was victorious by split decision when the pair met in Manchester two years ago, with the build up to that bout.

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22. Dillian Whyte will face Dereck Chisora on Dec 22 at London's O2 Arena in a rematch of their memorable 2016 contest.

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23. Dillian Whyte not worried about facing Dereck Chisora for a second time.

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24. Dillian Whyte got to his feet and survived the remaining seconds of the fight.

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25. Dillian Whyte knocked Parker down twice in the fight in dropping him in rounds 2 and 9.

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26. With the win, Dillian Whyte claimed the vacant WBC Silver heavyweight title, moving him a step closer to fighting world champion Wilder.

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27. Dillian Whyte bounced back and dominated the remainder of the fight with Helenius reluctant to throw anything meaningful to win the rounds.

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28. Dillian Whyte failed to impress as he defeated Helenius over 12 rounds via unanimous decision.

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29. Dillian Whyte knocked Tann down four times en route to wining the fight via TKO in round 3.

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30. Dillian Whyte defeated Lewison to claim the vacant title via a 10th round stoppage victory.

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31. Dillian Whyte started off slow, before working on the jab and knocking Bacurin out with a right hand.

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32. Prior to the fight, Dillian Whyte signed a deal with Matchroom Sport.

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33. On 20 December 2014, Dillian Whyte scored another TKO win, this time over heavyweight hope Kamil Sokolowski in three rounds in City Hall, Hull, Yorkshire.

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34. Dillian Whyte was thereby banned from all competitions with a period of ineligibility from 13 October 2012 to 12 October 2014, and the result against Sandor Balogh disqualified.

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35. Dillian Whyte scored a fourth round in based on a points decision over Rasani, making it his third win on points.

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36. On 3 December 2011 Dillian Whyte defeated Croatian Toni Visic, winning by TKO in the third round due to referee Jeff Hinds stopping the fight at 1.46.

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37. On 16 September 2011, Dillian Whyte made his second professional appearance against his Lithuanian heavyweight journeyman opponent Remigijus Ziausys.

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38. In his first amateur bout, in 2009, aged 20, Dillian Whyte beat Anthony Joshua by unanimous decision over three rounds.

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39. In the 1990s, Dillian Whyte moved with his family to the United Kingdom at 12 years of age.

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40. Dillian Whyte was born in Port Antonio, Portland, Jamaica on April 11, 1988.

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41. As of September 2018, Dillian Whyte is ranked as the world's third best active heavyweight by the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, and fifth by The Ring magazine and BoxRec.

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42. Dillian Whyte is a former kickboxing champion, having held the BIKMA British super-heavyweight title and the European K1 title, and has competed professionally in mixed martial arts.

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