12 Facts About Dodger Stadium


Dodger Stadium is a baseball stadium in the Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

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Dodger Stadium hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in 1980 and 2022—as well as games of 10 World Series .

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The land for Dodger Stadium had been seized from local owners and inhabitants in the early 1950s by the city of Los Angeles, using eminent domain with funds from the federal Housing Act of 1949.

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Dodger Stadium was the home of the Los Angeles Angels from 1962 through 1965.

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In 2008, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to give the Dodger Stadium area bounded by Academy Rd, Lookout Dr and Stadium Way its own zip code, 90090 .

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Dodger Stadium was the beneficiary of improvements such as wider concourses in the pavilions, new restaurants "Think Blue Bar-B-Que" and "Tommy Lasorda's Trattoria", dedicated team store buildings replacing the tents that previously served as team stores, bullpen overlooks with overlook bars, and tree relocation at the top of the stadium.

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Dodger Stadium was one of the last baseball-only facilities built before the dawn of the multi-purpose stadium.

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Dodger Stadium was originally equipped with two large Fair Play electronic scoreboard units above the left- and right-field pavilions.

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Until 1988, Dodger Stadium had never hosted a seventh game of a postseason series.

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In keeping with the decision of Major League Baseball to schedule postseason games for neutral, "bubble" sites in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dodger Stadium hosted all games between the Houston Astros and the Oakland Athletics in the 2020 American League Division Series.

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Dodger Stadium has staged other sporting events such as boxing, a basketball game featuring the Harlem Globetrotters and a ski-jumping exhibition, as well as the baseball competition of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games and is currently designated to host softball and baseball for the 2028 Olympic Games with Angel Stadium.

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Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority has two Dodger Stadium Express bus routes that transport fans to and from the stadium during home games.

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