11 Facts About Doll Tearsheet


Dorothy "Doll" Tearsheet is a fictional character who appears in Shakespeare's play Henry IV, Part 2.

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Doll Tearsheet's is a prostitute who frequents the Boar's Head Inn in Eastcheap.

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Doll Tearsheet is close friends with Mistress Quickly, the proprietress of the tavern, who procures her services for Falstaff.

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Doll Tearsheet is noted for her wide repertoire of colourful insults and her sudden switches from wild tirades to sentimental intimacy and back again.

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Doll Tearsheet is introduced by name when Mistress Quickly asks Falstaff whether he would like her company that evening.

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Doll Tearsheet is first seen about to be sick after drinking too much "canaries".

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Doll Tearsheet's asks him what Prince Hal is like; Falstaff gives a rather unflattering picture of him, unaware that Hal and Poins are nearby.

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Doll Tearsheet's next appears, apparently heavily pregnant, with Mistress Quickly.

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Doll Tearsheet says that she should not be manhandled because she might have a miscarriage, but the arresting officer insists she has stuffed a cushion up her dress.

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The Quarto version says "Doll Tearsheet is sick", not "dead", leaves out the "my", and makes no reference to losing a home.

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Doll Tearsheet appears as a character in Gustav Holst's 1925 opera At the Boar's Head.

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