10 Facts About Mistress Quickly


Mistress Nell Quickly is a fictional character who appears in several plays by William Shakespeare.

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Mistress Quickly's is an inn-keeper, who runs the Boar's Head Tavern, at which Sir John Falstaff and his disreputable cronies congregate.

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Mistress Quickly's character is most fully developed in Henry IV, Part 2 in which her contradictory aspirations to gentility and barely concealed vulgarity are brought out in her language.

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In Henry IV, Part 1, Mistress Quickly is described as the proprietor of the Boar's Head Tavern in the London neighbourhood of Eastcheap.

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Mistress Quickly's is married, as Prince Hal asks after her husband, referring to him as "an honest man"; he does not appear in the play.

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Mistress Quickly's participates in the mock-court scene in which Falstaff pretends to be the king.

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Mistress Quickly has a friendship of long standing with Doll Tearsheet, a prostitute who frequents the tavern, and protects her against aggressive men she calls "swaggerers".

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Mistress Quickly's is with Falstaff at his deathbed, and describes his death to his friends.

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Mistress Quickly appears along with Falstaff's other cronies in the play Falstaff's Wedding, a comedy by William Kenrick, which is set in the period between the end of Henry IV, Part 2 and the beginning of Henry V Mistress Quickly and Doll Tearsheet, having bribed their way out of prison, appear in the first act explaining to Falstaff how they were arrested.

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Mistress Quickly intends to marry Shallow, and Doll to marry Slender.

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