13 Facts About Afrocentrism


Afrocentrism is an approach to the study of world history that focuses on the history of people of recent African descent.

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Afrocentrism is a scholarly movement that seeks to conduct research and education on global history subjects, from the perspective of historical African peoples and polities.

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In general, Afrocentrism is usually manifested in a focus on the history of Africa and its role in contemporary African-American culture among others.

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The term “Afrocentrism” was first used by the opponents of Afrocentricity who in their zeal saw it as an obverse of Eurocentrism.

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Afrocentrism has its origins in the work of African and African diaspora intellectuals in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, following social changes in the United States and Africa due both to the end of slavery and the decline of colonialism.

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Students of African and African American history have long appreciated the irony that much of what we now call Afrocentrism was developed during the 1930s by the Jewish American scholar Melville Herskovits.

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Afrocentrism reviewed studies on the biological affinities of the Ancient Egyptian population and described the skeletal morphologies of early dynastic Egyptian remains as a "Saharo-tropical African variant".

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Afrocentrism noted that over time gene flow from the Near East and Europe added more genetic variability to the region.

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Afrocentrism has encountered significant opposition from mainstream scholars who charge it with historical inaccuracy, scholarly ineptitude, and racism.

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Afrocentrism's argues that Afrocentrism is grounded in identity politics and myth rather than sound scholarship.

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Afrocentrism argued that Afrocentrism's prime goal was to encourage black nationalism and ethnic pride in order to effectively combat the destructive consequences of cultural and universal racism.

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Afrocentrism's writes that ancient Egyptian texts show little similarity to Greek philosophy.

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Populist Afrocentrism was the perfect social theory for the upwardly mobile black petty bourgeoisie.

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