50 Facts About Don Bradman

1. Story that the young Don Bradman practised alone with a cricket stump and a golf ball is part of Australian folklore.

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2. When Don Bradman played at Cambridge in 1930 as a 21 year old on his first tour of England, he took the opportunity to trace his forebears in the region.

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3. Emily had hailed from Mittagong in the NSW Southern Highlands, and in 1911, when Don Bradman was about two-and-a-half years old, his parents decided to relocate to Bowral, close to Mittagong, to be closer to Emily's family and friends, as life at Yeo Yeo was proving difficult.

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4. Don Bradman invented his own solo cricket game, using a cricket stump for a bat, and a golf ball.

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5. Don Bradman became a regular selection for the Bowral team; several outstanding performances earned him the attention of the Sydney daily press.

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6. Against Wingello, a team that included the future Test bowler Bill O'Reilly, Don Bradman made 234.

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7. Don Bradman scored 110 on his debut, making his first century on a turf pitch.

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8. Don Bradman secured the achievement of a hundred on debut, with an innings of 118 featuring what soon became his trademarks—fast footwork, calm confidence and rapid scoring.

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9. Don Bradman reached 58 in the second innings and appeared set to guide the team to victory when he was run out.

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10. Don Bradman makes a mistake, then makes it again and again; he does not correct it, or look as if he were trying to do so.

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11. Don Bradman seems to live for the exuberance of the moment.

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12. Don Bradman remains the only Test player to pass 300 in one day's play.

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13. Don Bradman dominated the Australian innings; the second-highest tally was 77 by Alan Kippax.

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14. The statistics Don Bradman achieved on the tour, especially in the Test matches, broke records for the day and some have stood the test of time.

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15. Don Bradman spent a lot of his free time alone, writing, as he had sold the rights to a book.

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16. Don Bradman travelled with his wife, and the couple treated the trip as a honeymoon.

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17. Don Bradman settled on the Nottinghamshire fast bowlers Harold Larwood and Bill Voce as the spearheads for his tactics.

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18. Don Bradman was appointed vice-captain for the 1934 tour of England.

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19. Don Bradman lost a lot of blood during the four-hour procedure and peritonitis set in.

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20. Don Bradman finished the season with 369, a South Australian record, made against Tasmania.

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21. For some, the prospect of playing under Don Bradman was daunting, as was the knowledge that he would additionally be sitting in judgement of their abilities in his role as a selector.

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22. Don Bradman let the members of the Test team know that despite their recent success, the team still required improvement.

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23. Australia fell to successive defeats in the opening two Tests, Don Bradman making two ducks in his four innings, and it seemed that the captaincy was affecting his form.

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24. Don Bradman won the toss on New Year's Day 1937, but again failed with the bat, scoring just 13.

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25. Don Bradman countered by reversing his batting order to protect his run-makers while conditions improved.

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26. The ploy worked and Don Bradman went in at number seven.

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27. Don Bradman needed to score heavily as England had a strengthened batting line-up, while the Australian bowling was over-reliant on O'Reilly.

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28. At this point, Don Bradman felt that the burden of captaincy would prevent him from touring England again, although he did not make his doubts public.

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29. Don Bradman made three double centuries, including 251 not out against NSW, the innings that he rated the best he ever played in the Sheffield Shield, as he tamed Bill O'Reilly at the height of his form.

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30. Don Bradman joined the Royal Australian Air Force on 28 June 1940 and was passed fit for air crew duty.

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31. The RAAF had more recruits than it could equip and train and Don Bradman spent four months in Adelaide before the Governor-General of Australia, Lord Gowrie, persuaded Don Bradman to transfer to the army, a move that was criticised as a safer option for him.

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32. Invalided out of service in June 1941, Don Bradman spent months recuperating, unable even to shave himself or comb his hair due to the extent of the muscular pain he suffered.

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33. Don Bradman moved quickly to set up his own business, utilising Hodgetts' client list and his old office in Grenfell Street, Adelaide.

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34. Don Bradman declined a tour of New Zealand and spent the winter of 1946 wondering whether he had played his last match.

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35. Don Bradman was the leading batsman on either side, with an average of 97.14.

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36. Don Bradman made it known that he wanted to go through the tour unbeaten, a feat never before accomplished.

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37. Don Bradman received a standing ovation from the crowd and three cheers from the opposition.

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38. Don Bradman "used the crease" by either coming metres down the pitch to drive, or playing so far back that his feet ended up level with the stumps when playing the cut, hook or pull.

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39. Don Bradman accepted offers from the Daily Mail to travel with, and write about, the 1953 and 1956 Australian teams in England.

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40. Don Bradman retired from his stockbroking business in June 1954, depending on the "comfortable" income earned as a board member of 16 publicly listed companies.

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41. Don Bradman was honoured at a number of cricket grounds, notably when his portrait was hung in the Long Room at Lord's; until Shane Warne's portrait was added in 2005, Don Bradman was one of just three Australians to be honoured in this way.

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42. Don Bradman gave the keynote speech at the historic Centenary Test at Melbourne in 1977.

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43. Don Bradman formed an alliance with Australian captain Richie Benaud, seeking more attractive play, with some success.

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44. Don Bradman was criticised for not airing an opinion, but he dealt with World Series Cricket far more pragmatically than other administrators.

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45. On 10 December 1985, Don Bradman was the first of 120 inaugural inductees into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

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46. In 2000, Don Bradman was selected by cricket experts as one of five Wisden Cricketers of the Century.

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47. On 27 August 2018, to celebrate 110 years since his birth, Don Bradman was commemorated with a Google Doodle.

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48. In 1999, Don Bradman was named in the six-man shortlist for BBC Sports Personality of the Century.

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49. Don Bradman paid tribute to his wife numerous times, once saying succinctly, "I would never have achieved what I achieved without Jessie".

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50. Don Bradman recorded several songs accompanying himself and others on piano in the early 1930s, including "Every Day Is A Rainbow Day For Me" with Jack Lumsdaine.

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