12 Facts About Downtown Atlanta


Downtown Atlanta is the central business district of Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

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Downtown Atlanta is bound by North Avenue to the north, Boulevard to the east, Interstate 20 to the south, and Northside Drive to the west.

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Closure of Underground Atlanta in 1979 due to an increase in crime contributed to perceptions that Downtown was dangerous, and the 1980s saw a significant decline in population.

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Downtown Atlanta is the heart and the largest of the three business districts of the city.

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Downtown Atlanta's economy is driven by its government facilities, venues, and retail options.

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Downtown Atlanta is marked by its state, county, and city government facilities.

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Downtown Atlanta is home to most of the city's major sporting venues.

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Downtown Atlanta is in the process of bringing new attractions to the area, particularly in the area clustered around Centennial Olympic Park.

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In June 2008, Downtown Atlanta was selected for the future home of the National Health Museum.

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Downtown Atlanta has benefited from the flurry of GSU-related construction and land acquisitions as the institution undergoes its transformation from a commuter school to a traditional university.

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Downtown Atlanta is served by Interstate 20, which creates the southern border of Downtown Atlanta.

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Downtown Atlanta has many surface streets that serve as alternatives to the Downtown Atlanta Connector.

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