6 Facts About Durham North Carolina

1. City of Durham North Carolina is the only incorporated municipality to predominantly exist within Durham County, and the only one whose urban core lies within the county, though small portions of municipalities from neighboring counties extend into Durham County, and the city of Durham itself extends slightly into neighboring counties.

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2. Public schools in Durham North Carolina are run by Durham North Carolina Public Schools, the eighth largest school district in North Carolina.

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3. The center of Durham North Carolina is on a ridge that forms the divide between the Neuse River watershed, flowing east to Pamlico Sound, and the Cape Fear River watershed, flowing south to the Atlantic near Wilmington.

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4. In 2014, it was announced that downtown Durham North Carolina would be the site of a brand new 26 story high building, tentatively named "City Center Tower".

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5. In recent years the city of Durham North Carolina has stepped up revitalization of its downtown and undergone an economic and cultural renaissance of sorts.

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6. The name "Bull Durham North Carolina" is said to have been taken from the bull on the British Colman's Mustard, which Mr Blackwell believed was manufactured in Durham, England.

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