13 Facts About Bull Durham


Bull Durham is a 1988 American romantic comedy sports film.

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Bull Durham was a commercial success, grossing over $50 million in North America, well above its estimated budget, and was a critical success as well.

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Minor League baseball single-A team the Durham Bulls are dealing with another sparsely attended losing season, with one thing working for them; Ebby Calvin LaLoosh, a hotshot rookie pitcher known for having a "million dollar arm, but a five cent head, " who has potential to become a major league talent.

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Bull Durham'slton quit when he realized he would never become a major league player.

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Bull Durham returned to school and earned a Master of Fine Arts in sculpture at the University of Arizona before moving to Los Angeles to join the city's art scene.

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When Shelton pitched Bull Durham, he had a hard time convincing a studio to give him the opportunity to direct.

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Bull Durham'slton scouted locations throughout the southern United States before settling on Durham in North Carolina because of its old ballpark and its location, "among abandoned tobacco warehouses and on the edge of an abandoned downtown and in the middle of a residential neighborhood where people could walk".

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Bull Durham'slton cast Costner because of the actor's natural athleticism.

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Bull Durham cast Robbins over the strong objections of the studio, who wanted Anthony Michael Hall instead.

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Bull Durham'slton had to threaten to quit before the studio backed off.

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Part of the fun in watching Bull Durham is in the awareness that a clearly seen vision is being realized.

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Bull Durham was named Best Screenplay of 1988 by New York Film Critics' Circle.

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Bull Durham was acknowledged as the fifth best film in the sports genre.

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