19 Facts About Eamon Fisher


Eamon Fisher was taken in by Myra McQueen, who offered him a room without consulting any of her family.

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Eamon Fisher asked him to move back so Terry would stop hitting her.

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Eamon Fisher found out that Ste and Amy were lying about Amy's daughter Leah Barnes having leukaemia, and she demanded the money they had received.

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Eamon Fisher found out that Ste and Amy had split up and that she was not Leah's grandmother.

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Eamon Fisher was mentioned before his appearance when Newt and Lauren Valentine discovered the body of Sean Kennedy.

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Eamon Fisher was Newt's alternate identity, acting out all Newt's thoughts.

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Eamon Fisher managed to stir things between Newt and Lauren, which ended up in Lauren going to hospital.

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Eamon Fisher later restricts Russ access to his son, so he plans to run away with Max.

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Eamon Fisher told Russ that she did not want him to know in case he thought that she was boring.

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Eamon Fisher appeared when Kieron Hobbs was asked by Myra McQueen if he could help locate the son she gave up at birth.

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Eamon Fisher slept with Jacqui McQueen during a breakdown of her relationship with Tony Hutchinson.

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Eamon Fisher immediately forced Matt to split up with Hannah and leave.

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Eamon Fisher was favoured by Louise Summers when she got rid of Cindy Cunningham.

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Eamon Fisher then got a new job in Middlesbrough, which he and Bel moved to alone.

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Eamon Fisher sent her home, but found out she did not plan to look at them.

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Eamon Fisher then got another job in Middlesbrough, where he moved with Bel.

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Eamon Fisher first appeared in November 2008, the last of his family to arrive.

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Eamon Fisher convinced Newt that she had kicked drugs because of her recent pregnancy.

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Eamon Fisher sent Newt out to get the takeaway, and when he returned, she had left the baby behind, with a note saying she was going for a job interview.

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