8 Facts About Middlesbrough

1. In 2007, Middlesbrough changed their crest again, this time with the lion inside a shield and the words "Middlesbrough Football Club 1876" underneath.

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2. The final game of the season saw Middlesbrough relegated to the Third Division again.

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3. In March 2013, Middlesbrough was used as a stand in for Newcastle 1969 in BBC's Inspector George Gently starring Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby; the footage appeared in the episode "Gently Between The Lines".

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4. The town of Middlesbrough is recognised as a Built-up area sub-division of Teesside by the Office for National Statistics.

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5. In 2011, Middlesbrough had a population of 174,700, which makes it the largest town in North East England and largest urban settlement within the non-administrative ceremonial county of North Yorkshire.

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6. In 2002, Middlesbrough voted to have a directly elected mayor as head of the council.

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7. In 1968 Middlesbrough became part of the County Borough of Teesside, and in 1974 it became part of the non-metropolitan county of Cleveland until the county's abolition in 1996, when Middlesbrough became a unitary authority.

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8. On 21 January 1853, Middlesbrough received its Royal Charter of Incorporation, giving the town the right to have a mayor, aldermen and councillors.

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