28 Facts About Middlesbrough


Middlesbrough is a town on the southern bank of the River Tees in North Yorkshire, England.

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Middlesbrough started as a Benedictine priory on the south bank of the River Tees, its name possibly derived from it being midway between the holy sites of Durham and Whitby.

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In 1801, Middlesbrough was a small farm with a population of just 25; however, during the latter half of the 19th century, it experienced rapid growth.

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Pig iron production rose tenfold between 1851 and 1856 and by the mid-1870s Middlesbrough was producing one third of the entire nations Pig Iron output.

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On 21 January 1853, Middlesbrough received its Royal Charter of Incorporation, giving the town the right to have a mayor, aldermen and councillors.

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Middlesbrough was the first major British town and industrial target to be bombed during the Second World War.

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Middlesbrough itself began to take on a completely different look.

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Post war industrial to contemporary un-industrial Middlesbrough has changed the town, multiple buildings replaced and roads built.

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Middlesbrough was incorporated as a town and municipal borough in 1853.

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The Middlesbrough constituency is represented by Andy McDonald for Labour in the House of Commons.

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Middlesbrough was elected in a by-election held on 29 November 2012 following the death of previous Member of Parliament Sir Stuart Bell, who was the MP since 1983.

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Middlesbrough is south of the River Tees with heavy industry and nature reserves on the opposite bank.

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Middlesbrough is within the Teesside built-up area, which is centred around the River Tees; it includes nearby towns such as Stockton and Redcar.

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Middlesbrough has an oceanic climate typical for the United Kingdom.

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Middlesbrough has four shopping centres accessible from Linthorpe road: Cleveland Centre, Hill Street, Captain Cook Square and Dundas.

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Middlesbrough remains a stronghold for engineering based manufacturing and engineering contract service businesses.

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Middlesbrough was responsible for the New Tyne Bridge in Newcastle.

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Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, known locally as mima, is a purpose built contemporary art gallery which opened in January 2007.

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Middlesbrough Art Weekender is a contemporary art festival organised by the Auxiliary that has been held in central Middlesbrough since 2017.

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The Auxiliary Warehouse space, which was opened as part of the 2019 Middlesbrough Art Weekender, is a recent addition to the contemporary art community.

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The Middlesbrough Empire, built in 1897 as a theatre, is a nightclub designed by Ernest Runtz.

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In Linthorpe, is the Middlesbrough Theatre opened by Sir John Gielgud in 1957; it was one of the first new theatres built in England after the Second World War.

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Church of England Middlesbrough deanery is in the Archdeaconry of Cleveland with Stokesley, Guisborough, Whitby and Northern Ryedale and Mowbray .

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Middlesbrough is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Middlesbrough, created on 20 December 1878 from the Diocese of Beverley.

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Middlesbrough has featured in many television programmes, including The Fast Show, Inspector George Gently, Steel River Blues, Spender, Play for Today and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

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In March 2013, Middlesbrough was used as a stand in for Newcastle 1969 in BBC's Inspector George Gently starring Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby; the footage appeared in the episode "Gently Between The Lines" .

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Middlesbrough FC is a Championship football team, owned by local haulage entrepreneur Steve Gibson and managed by Chris Wilder.

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On 1 May 2016, Middlesbrough hosted the start of Stage 3 to the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire.

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