34 Facts About Beverley


Beverley is a market and minster town and a civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England, of which it is the county town.

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Beverley was once the tenth-largest town in England, as well as one of the richest, because of its wool and the pilgrims who came to venerate its founding saint, John of Beverley.

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Beverley developed as a trade centre, producing textiles, leather and objects made out of antler.

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Beverley Minster was constructed in 1220 and there were 3 phases to its construction.

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Towns in Yorkshire were obliterated by the Normans in response, with the Harrying of the North; but Beverley itself was spared, upon the Normans hearing about the town's saintly history.

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In 1086, Beverley was recorded in the Domesday Book as comprising around 19 households and lying within the Hundred of Sneculfcros.

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Industry grew further, Beverley especially traded wool with the cloth making towns of the Low Countries.

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Beverley was reliant on pilgrimage, but changes brought about by the Reformation impacted upon this tradition, resulting in a decline in its status.

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Henry followed through with the break from Rome and the Dissolution of the Monasteries, dissolving the Dominican Friary in Beverley and taking their land for himself, the Knights Templars in Beverley suffered the same fate in 1540.

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Beverley was visited by John Leland, the man known as the "father of English local history", he wrote of the town in some detail, estimating the population of the time at around 5,000.

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Beverley Minster was threatened with demolition by its new owners who wanted to profit from selling its stone and lead, however the local people led by wealthy merchant Richard Gray saved it from this fate.

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Beverley was initially royalist: however, it was taken by the parliamentarians of Hull, forcing the king to flee.

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Beverley Minster managed to escape this fate, in part due to the prominence of the Percy family and the fact that the church housed memorials to their ancestors.

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Beverley's Quakers were not so fortunate, and were strongly repressed by the Puritans.

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Beverley had a cattle market for 1300 years, it served as the centre for the region's livestock trade until it closed.

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Beverley Shipyard opened in 1884 and continued to build ships until the yard closed completely in 1977.

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Second World War saw the nearby city of Hull suffer significantly from aerial bombardment: however, Beverley was more fortunate and did not endure such heavy attacks.

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Since the war, Beverley has gone through some remodelling, and has grown in size.

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In 2007, Beverley was named as the best place to live in the United Kingdom in an "Affordable Affluence" study by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

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Beverley was represented in the Houses of Parliament by the Members of Parliament for Yorkshire until Beverley was given parliamentary borough status from 1563.

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Beverley was able to elect two MPs for its entire time as a parliamentary borough; the right of election was vested not in the population as a whole, but in the freemen.

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Since 1997 Beverley has been part of the Beverley and Holderness constituency, a Conservative Party stronghold.

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The only Conservative representatives for Beverley are in Minster and Woodmansey Ward, where the Conservatives held all three seats.

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The Beverley Guardian was printed for 160 years, but it ceased in September 2016.

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Beverley is a suffragan bishopric of the Diocese of York represented by the Bishop of Beverley, created in 1994 to provide a provincial episcopal visitor for the Province of York.

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Beverley was the host for the 2006 British National Cycling Championships.

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Beverley Westwood is home to the oldest golf club in Yorkshire the Beverley and East Riding Golf Club founded in October 1889.

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Beverley RUFC plays in the Yorkshire 1 league for Rugby Union and play at Beaver Park in the town.

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Beverley town has a variety of public houses, some of which have become tourist attractions.

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Beverley is home to one of the last pubs in the world to still use authentic gas lighting; The White Horse Inn is owned by the Samuel Smith Brewery company.

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Beverley Beck is a canal which gives boats access to the town from the River Hull.

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Previously, the Beverley Beck used to form a more significant role in transport as part of the trade industry, where Beverley was a trading post of the Hanseatic League.

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Beverley is home to the notorious Grovehill junction which has 42 traffic lights.

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Beverley is the main setting for Domini Highsmith's "Father Simeon" trilogy: Keeper at the Shrine, Guardian at the Gate and Master of the Keys.

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