12 Facts About Edgardo Cozarinsky


Edgardo Cozarinsky is best known for his Spanish-language novel Vudu urbano.


Edgardo Cozarinsky's name reflects his mother's enthusiasm for the writings of Edgar Allan Poe, while his surname comes from his grandparents, Ukrainian Jewish immigrants who arrived in Argentina from Kyiv and Odesa in the late nineteenth century.


Edgardo Cozarinsky has since that time declined to have this book reprinted.


Edgardo Cozarinsky visited Europe from September 1966 to June 1967, stopping for a visit to New York City on his return to Buenos Aires.


Edgardo Cozarinsky wrote for the culture sections of the Argentine weeklies Primera Plana and Panorama, then he produced his first film.


Edgardo Cozarinsky produced fiction films and "essays", mixing documentary material with personal reflections on the material.


At a time when European television networks were willing to support such ventures, Edgardo Cozarinsky was able to develop this approach in a series of original works.


Edgardo Cozarinsky returned to Buenos Aires for a short stay after the end of Argentina's military junta.


Edgardo Cozarinsky then returned three years later to produce Guerreros y cautivas, filmed in the country's far southern reaches.


Edgardo Cozarinsky visited Argentina several times after that, occasionally filming segments or backgrounds for his films.


Edgardo Cozarinsky became established as a Spanish-language writer, and his works were translated into several other languages.


Edgardo Cozarinsky has filmed in such diverse locations as Budapest, Rotterdam, Tallinn, Tangiers, Vienna, Granada, Saint Petersburg, Seville and Patagonia.