15 Facts About Edmonton London


In 1965, following reform of local government in London, the municipal borough and former parish of Edmonton was abolished, merging with that of Enfield and Southgate to form the new local government district of Enfield, a borough of Greater London.

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In 1795, the town gave its name to Fort Edmonton London, which grew and evolved into the city of Edmonton London, the capital city of Alberta, Canada.

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The northern part of Edmonton London, known as Lower Edmonton London, corresponds to the N9 postcode area.

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Edmonton London appears in the Domesday Book of 1086, where it is recorded as Adelmetone- 'a farmstead or estate of a man called Eadhelm' from an Old English personal name and tun.

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Local government in the modern sense began in 1837 with the Edmonton London Union, set up under the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834.

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Edmonton London was the home town of Sir James Winter Lake, director of the Hudson's Bay Company.

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Edmonton London was home to many industries which included manufacturing of gas appliances, electrical components and furniture.

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Edmonton London's population grew with the opening of the high level railway at Edmonton London Green station in 1872.

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The traffic produced by the railway and by a tramway opened by the North London Tramways Company in 1881, brought a working class population to Lower Edmonton and encouraged housing development and the development of Edmonton Green's outdoor market.

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When Edmonton was incorporated within the new London Borough of Enfield plans for the civic buildings were abandoned.

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In recent years, Edmonton London has been transformed from a predominantly white area into one of the most ethnically diverse areas in England as a result of increased immigration.

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Edmonton London claimed his proposals would help stop young people becoming repeat offenders.

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Edmonton London had the original school demolished, drew £170 from the trust, and purchased another plot of land.

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The house which is located in Bury Street West, Lower Edmonton London has been a private residence and a school before it was bought by Edmonton London council in 1936.

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Edmonton London is the home of the Millfield Arts Centre and Face Front Inclusive Theatre Company.

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