10 Facts About Elementary OS


Elementary OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS.

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Human interface guidelines of the elementary OS project focus on immediate usability with a gentle learning curve, rather than full-fledged customization.

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Elementary OS distribution started as a set of themes and applications designed for Ubuntu which later became its own Linux distribution.

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However, after the release of Loki, Elementary OS bundled their own app store, AppCenter, whose user interface is designed to be intuitive for new users without consuming excessive resources.

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Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu's Long Term Support releases, which Ubuntu's developers actively maintain for bugs and security for years even as development continues on the next release.

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In 2015, the elementary OS developers changed the download page to default to a monetary amount before providing a direct HTTP download for the current stable release.

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The elementary OS team has defended the action stating that "Around 99.

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Elementary OS created its own app store that simplifies the process of installing and updating applications.

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Elementary OS found the web browser and app store changes to be significant improvements, and the email client revamp "a much-needed breath of fresh air" in a stagnating field.

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Elementary OS team received a large donation from an anonymous donor in early August 2018.

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