49 Facts About Eliud Kipchoge

1. Eliud Kipchoge won the London Marathon on Sunday in 2:03:05.

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2. Eliud Kipchoge was chosen to represent Kenya at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics and reached the 5000 m final for the fifth consecutive time, although he only managed seventh place on this occasion.

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3. Eliud Kipchoge is a Kenyan long distance runner, and the 2016 Olympic marathon gold medallist.

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4. Eliud Kipchoge is a "self-made millionaire", reports Running World of his net worth.

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5. At the 2013 Berlin Marathon, Eliud Kipchoge slashed another 1 minute 25 seconds with a time of 2:04:05.

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6. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Eliud Kipchoge won the Bronze medal in 5,000m for his nation.

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7. Eliud Kipchoge set the World Junior Record of 5,000m on the track.

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8. Eliud Kipchoge marked his presence in the world of athletics, as a junior in 2003, winning the junior race at the IAAF World Cross Country Championships.

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9. Eliud Kipchoge was born on the 5th of November 1984 in Kapsisiywa, Nandi District in Kenya.

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10. Eliud Kipchoge created a hat trick by winning the 2018 edition, having won the Gold medal at the 2015 and 2016 London Marathon.

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11. Eliud Kipchoge led from the front, overtaking Adola early in the race.

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12. Eliud Kipchoge is 5-foot-6, 115-pound, and was raised in a farming lifestyle, reports Running World.

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13. Eliud Kipchoge trained for seven months for the Breaking2 marathon, according to The Guardian.

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14. Eliud Kipchoge wanted see whether a long-sought after feat was possible: A marathon in less than two hours.

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15. Eliud Kipchoge has tried his level best on the 16th of September 2018 to clip an amazing 78 seconds to create a new Marathon World Record.

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16. Eliud Kipchoge missed the goal by just winning the race clocking 2:00:25.

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17. At the 2016 Summer Olympics Marathon, Eliud Kipchoge won the Gold medal in marathon clocking 2:08:44.

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18. Eliud Kipchoge has earned high respect from fellow runners for his amazing track record.

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19. At the 2013 Hamburg Marathon, Eliud Kipchoge set a new course record of 2:05:30 in his marathon debut.

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20. Eliud Kipchoge changed his focus towards half marathon and made his debut at the Lille Half-Marathon.

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21. Eliud Kipchoge faced failure, when he failed to make it for the Olympic Team at the Prefontaine Classic.

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22. At the 2004 Athens Olympics, Eliud Kipchoge won the 5000m Bronze for Kenya.

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23. Eliud Kipchoge has won 11 out of the 12 marathons, he has competed.

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24. Eliud Kipchoge was named the 2018 Sportsman of the Year at the Kenyan Sports Personality of the Year Awards in Mombasa, Kenya, beating fellow contenders for the coveted trophy, athlete Hellen Obiri, Boxer Fatuma Zarika and rugby star Janet Okelo.

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25. Eliud Kipchoge finished 4:43 min ahead of second placed fellow Kenyan Amos Kipruto.

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26. Eliud Kipchoge made his half marathon debut in the Lille Half Marathon.

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27. Eliud Kipchoge met his trainer Patrick Sang in 2001 at the age of 16.

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28. On 11 January 2019, Eliud Kipchoge won the Sportsman of the Year award at the 2019 Sports Personality of the Year awards in Kenya.

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29. Eliud Kipchoge was a three-time winner at both the London Marathon and Berlin Marathon between 2015 and 2018.

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30. Eliud Kipchoge was born on 5 November 1984 and is a Kenyan long-distance runner who competes the marathon and formerly 5000 metres race.

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31. Eliud Kipchoge crossed the finish line in 2 hours 8 minutes and 44 seconds, 1 minute and 10 seconds ahead of Feyisa.

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32. Eliud Kipchoge is special guest at annual Tegla Loroupe 10k Peace Race.

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33. Eliud Kipchoge has responded to criticism regarding enhanced performance provided by his shoes, the Nike Vaporfly.

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34. Eliud Kipchoge shoes do not unfairly aid performance—the improvements are in the mind, says Kenyan runner.

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35. Eliud Kipchoge began the race with three pacemakers dedicated to him.

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36. On 16 September 2018, Eliud Kipchoge won the Berlin Marathon in a time of 2:01:39, breaking the previous world record by 1 minute and 18 seconds.

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37. In April 2016, Eliud Kipchoge won the London Marathon for the second consecutive year in a time of 2:03:05.

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38. Eliud Kipchoge opened his 2013 season with a win at the Barcelona Half Marathon in a time of one hour and four seconds.

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39. Eliud Kipchoge returned to the Edinburgh Cross Country in 2012, but this time he finished third behind Asbel Kiprop and Britain's Jonathan Hay.

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40. With this win, Eliud Kipchoge became the second Kenyan male after Sammy Wanjiru in Beijing 2008 to win an Olympic marathon gold medal.

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41. Eliud Kipchoge won a silver medal at the 5000 m final of the 2007 World Championships at Osaka in 13:46.00, behind Bernard Lagat.

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42. Eliud Kipchoge won the bronze in the 3000 metres indoor at the 2006 World Championships in Moscow.

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43. In 2004, Eliud Kipchoge won a bronze medal at the 5000 m final at the 2004 Athens Olympics, behind El Guerrouj and Kenenisa Bekele.

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44. Eliud Kipchoge won the 5000 metres race at the Kenyan trial for the 2002 World Junior Championships in Athletics, but got ill and missed the championships.

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45. Eliud Kipchoge lives with his wife and 3 children in Eldoret, Kenya.

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46. Eliud Kipchoge was raised by a single mother, and only knew his father from pictures.

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47. Eliud Kipchoge graduated from Kaptel Secondary School in 1999 but did not run seriously then.

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48. Eliud Kipchoge was born on 5 November 1984 in Kapsisiywa, Nandi District of Kenya.

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49. Eliud Kipchoge is a Kenyan long-distance runner who competes the marathon and formerly 5000 metres race.

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