7 Facts About Ella Fitzgerald

1. In 2007, We All Love Ella Fitzgerald, was released, a tribute album recorded for the 90th anniversary of Fitzgerald's birth.

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2. In 1985, Ella Fitzgerald was hospitalized briefly for respiratory problems, in 1986 for congestive heart failure, and in 1990 for exhaustion.

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3. In 1961 Ella Fitzgerald bought a house in the Klampenborg district of Copenhagen, Denmark, after she began a relationship with a Danish man.

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4. On March 15, 1955, Ella Fitzgerald opened her initial engagement at the Mocambo nightclub in Hollywood, after Marilyn Monroe lobbied the owner for the booking.

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5. In 1942, Ella Fitzgerald left the band to begin a solo career.

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6. In January 1935, Ella Fitzgerald won the chance to perform for a week with the Tiny Bradshaw band at the Harlem Opera House.

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7. In 1932, when Ella Fitzgerald was fifteen, her mother died from injuries received in a car accident.

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