19 Facts About Emeric Pressburger


Emeric Pressburger has been played on screen by Alec Westwood in the award-winning short film Oran na h-Eala which explores Moira Shearer's life-changing decision to appear in The Red Shoes.

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Imre Jozsef Emeric Pressburger was born in Miskolc, in the Kingdom of Hungary, of Jewish heritage.

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Emeric Pressburger was the only son of Kalman Pressburger, estate manager, and his second wife, Katherina (nee Wichs).

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Emeric Pressburger attended a boarding-school in Temesvar, where he was a good pupil, excelling at mathematics, literature and music.

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Emeric Pressburger then studied mathematics and engineering at the Universities of Prague and Stuttgart before his father's death forced him to abandon his studies.

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Emeric Pressburger later said, "[the] worst things that happened to me were the political consequences of events beyond my control.

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Emeric Pressburger left his Berlin apartment, "leaving the key in the door so that the Stormtroopers wouldn't have to break the door down" and left for Paris.

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Emeric Pressburger was much more than simply "Michael Powell's screenwriter" as some have categorised him.

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The films they made together in this period were mainly original stories by Emeric Pressburger, who did most of the work of a producer for the team.

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Emeric Pressburger was more involved in the editing process than Powell, and, as a musician, Emeric Pressburger was involved in the choice of music for their films.

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Powell and Emeric Pressburger began to go their separate ways after the mid-1950s.

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On 24 June 1938, Emeric Pressburger married Agi Donath, the daughter of Andor Donath, a general merchant, but they divorced in 1941.

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Emeric Pressburger remarried, on 29 March 1947, to Wendy Orme, and they had a daughter, Angela, and another child who died as a baby in 1948; but this marriage ended in divorce in Reno, Nevada in 1953 and in Britain in 1971.

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Emeric Pressburger was made a Fellow of BAFTA in 1981, and a Fellow of the BFI in 1983.

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Emeric Pressburger was a diffident and private person who, at times, particularly later on in his life, could be hypersensitive and prone to bouts of melancholia.

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Emeric Pressburger loved French cuisine, enjoyed music, and possessed a great sense of humour.

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Emeric Pressburger was a keen supporter of Arsenal F C, a passion he developed soon after arriving in Britain.

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Emeric Pressburger is interred in the cemetery of Our Lady of Grace Church, Aspall.

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Emeric Pressburger's is the only grave in that Church of England graveyard with a Star of David.

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