19 Facts About Michael Powell


Michael Latham Powell was an English filmmaker, celebrated for his partnership with Emeric Pressburger.

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Michael Powell has been played on screen by Alastair Thomson Mills in the short film which explores Moira Shearer's life changing decision to appear in The Red Shoes.

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Michael Powell was the second son and youngest child of Thomas William Michael Powell, a hop farmer, and Mabel, daughter of Frederick Corbett, of Worcester, England.

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Michael Powell was born in Bekesbourne, Kent, and educated at The King's School, Canterbury and then at Dulwich College.

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Michael Powell started work at the National Provincial Bank in 1922 but quickly realised he was not cut out to be a banker.

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Michael Powell entered the film industry in 1925 through working with director Rex Ingram at the Victorine Studios in Nice, France.

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Michael Powell first started out as a general studio hand, the proverbial "gofer": sweeping the floor, making coffee, fetching and carrying.

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Michael Powell made his film debut as a "comic English tourist" in The Magician.

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Michael Powell signed on in a similar role on Hitchcock's first "talkie", Blackmail.

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From 1931 to 1936, Michael Powell was the director of 23 films, including the critically received Red Ensign and The Phantom Light (1935).

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In 1937 Michael Powell completed his first truly personal project, The Edge of the World.

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Michael Powell gathered together a cast and crew who were willing to take part in an expedition to what was then a very isolated part of the UK.

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Nonetheless, Michael Powell was brought in to save a film that was being made as a vehicle for two of Korda's star players, Conrad Veidt and Valerie Hobson.

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Michael Powell had stood Storer Clouston's plot on its head and completely restructured the film.

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Michael Powell's films came to have a cult reputation, broadened during the 1970s and early 1980s by a series of retrospectives and rediscoveries, as well as further articles and books.

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In 1927 Michael Powell married Gloria Mary Rouger, an American dancer; they were married in France and stayed together for only three weeks.

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Michael Powell lived with actress Pamela Brown for many years until her death from cancer in 1975.

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Subsequently, Michael Powell was married to film editor Thelma Schoonmaker from 19 May 1984 until his own death from cancer at his home in Avening, Gloucestershire.

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Michael Powell's niece was the Australian actress Cornelia Frances, who appeared in bit parts in her uncle's early films.

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