13 Facts About The Edge

1. The Edge is best known as the lead guitarist, keyboardist, and backing vocalist of the rock band U2.

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2. The Edge met his second wife Morleigh Steinberg through her collaborations with the band.

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3. The Edge co-founded Music Rising, a charity to support musicians affected by Hurricane Katrina.

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4. The Edge received his first guitar at the age of seven when his mother bought him a Spanish guitar.

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5. The Edge said in 1982 of this early experimentation, "Me and my elder brother Dik both played it, plonking away, all very rudimentary stuff, open chords and all that.

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6. The Edge wrote the theme song for seasons one and two of The Batman, which aired in 2004 and 2005, respectively.

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7. The Edge takes a relatively understated approach to guitar playing, viewing notes as "expensive" and preferring to play simple parts that best serve their song.

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8. The Edge cited guitarists such as Tom Verlaine of Television, John McGeoch, Rory Gallagher, and Patti Smith as some of his strongest influences.

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9. The Edge became known for his extensive use of effects units, and for his meticulous nature in crafting specific sounds and guitar tones from his equipment choices.

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10. The Edge said that rather than using effects merely to modify his sound, he uses them to spark ideas during his songwriting process.

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11. The Edge developed his playing style during his teenage years, partially as a result of him and Mullen trying to accommodate the "eccentric" bass playing of Clayton by being the timekeepers of the band.

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12. The Edge said by focusing "on one area of the fretboard [he] was developing a very stylized way of doing something that someone else would play in a normal way".

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13. The Edge serves on the board of the Angiogenesis Foundation, a 50(3) nonprofit organisation dedicated to improving global health by advancing angiogenesis-based medicine, diets, and lifestyle.

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