103 Facts About Tina Turner


Tina Turner was born on Anna Mae Bullock; November 26,1939 and is an American-born and naturalized Swiss singer, dancer, actress and author.


Tina Turner acted in the films Tommy, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and Last Action Hero.


Tina Turner has received 12 Grammy Awards, which include eight competitive awards, three Grammy Hall of Fame awards, and a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.


Tina Turner is the first black artist and first woman to be on the cover of Rolling Stone.


Tina Turner has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the St Louis Walk of Fame.


Tina Turner has twice been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, with Ike Turner in 1991 and as a solo artist in 2021.


Tina Turner is a 2005 recipient of the Kennedy Center Honors and Women of the Year award.

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Tina Turner was born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26,1939, in Brownsville, Tennessee, the youngest daughter of Floyd Richard Bullock and his wife Zelma Priscilla.


Tina Turner is the first cousin once removed of bluesman Eugene Bridges.


Tina Turner stated in her autobiography I, Tina that her parents had not loved her and she wasn't wanted.


Tina Turner was at the Henderson house when she was notified that her half-sister Evelyn had died in a car crash alongside her cousins Margaret and Vela Evans.


Tina Turner first saw Ike Turner perform with his band the Kings of Rhythm at the Manhattan Club in East St Louis.


Tina Turner asked Turner to let her sing in his band despite the fact that few women had ever sung with him.


Tina Turner sang the rest of the night and became a featured vocalist with his band.


Tina Turner is credited as a vocalist on the record alongside Ike and fellow Kings of Rhythm singer Carlson Oliver.


In 1960, Tina Turner wrote "A Fool in Love" for singer Art Lassiter.


Since Tina Turner already paid for the studio time, Bullock suggested to sing lead.


Tina Turner decided to use her to record a demo with the intention of erasing her vocals and adding Lassiter's at a later date.


Murray convinced Tina Turner to make Bullock "the star of the show".


Tina Turner was inspired by Sheena, Queen of the Jungle and Nyoka the Jungle Girl to create her stage persona.


In November 1967, Tina Turner became the first female artist and the first black artist to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.


Tina Turner wrote nine out of the ten tracks on their 1972 album Feel Good.


That year, Tina Turner filmed the rock opera Tommy in London.


Tina Turner played the Acid Queen, a drug-addicted prostitute; her performance was critically acclaimed.


Shortly after filming wrapped, Tina Turner appeared on Ann-Margret's TV special.

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Shortly after arriving at the hotel, Tina Turner fled from Ike with only 36 cents and a mobil card and hid at the Ramada Inn across the freeway.


Tina Turner filed for divorce on July 27, and it was finalized on March 29,1978.


Tina Turner resumed touring to pay off her debts with finances given to her by United Artists executive Mike Stewart.


Tina Turner headlined a series of cabaret shows at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and took her act to smaller venues in the United States.


In 1978, Tina Turner released her third solo album, Rough, on United Artists with distribution in North America and Europe on EMI.


In 1979, Australian manager Roger Davies agreed to manage Tina Turner after seeing her perform at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.


In early 1979, Tina Turner worked in Italy as a regular performer on the Rete 1 TV series Luna Park, hosted by Pippo Baudo and Heather Parisi.


Tina Turner later regretted the decision, stating that she was "naive about the politics in South Africa" at the time.


In October 1981, Rod Stewart attended Tina Turner's show at the Ritz in New York City and invited her to perform "Hot Legs" with him on Saturday Night Live.


In November, Tina Turner opened for the Rolling Stones during their 1981 American Tour.


Tina Turner's recording of the Temptations' "Ball of Confusion" for the UK production team BEF became a hit in European dance clubs in 1982.


Tina Turner filmed a music video for "Ball of Confusion" that aired on the fledgling music video channel MTV, becoming one of the first black American artists to gain airtime on the channel.


Also in 1982, Tina Turner appeared as a special guest on Chuck Berry's television special performed at The Roxy in West Hollywood.


Until 1983, Tina Turner was considered a nostalgia act, performing mostly at hotel ballrooms and clubs in the United States.


Tina Turner had two weeks to record her Private Dancer album, which was released in May 1984.


On September 1,1984, Tina Turner achieved her first and only No 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with "What's Love Got to Do with It".


Tina Turner culminated her comeback when she won three Grammys at the 27th Annual Grammy Awards, including the Grammy Award for Record of the Year for "What's Love Got to Do with It".


Tina Turner's success continued when she traveled to Australia to star opposite Mel Gibson in the 1985 post-apocalyptic film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.


Tina Turner later received the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress for her role in the film.


Tina Turner recorded two songs for the film, "We Don't Need Another Hero " and "One of the Living"; both became hits with the latter winning her a Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

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In July 1985, Tina Turner performed at Live Aid alongside Mick Jagger.


Tina Turner released a duet, "It's Only Love", with Bryan Adams.


In 1986, Tina Turner released her sixth solo album, Break Every Rule, which reached No 1 in four countries and sold over five million copies worldwide within its first year of release.


In January 1988, Tina Turner performed in front of approximately 180,000 at Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, setting a Guinness World Record at the time for the largest paying concert attendance for a solo artist.


Tina Turner released her first greatest hits compilation Simply the Best in October 1990, which sold seven million copies worldwide.


Tina Turner returned to the studio in 1995, releasing "GoldenEye", which was written by Bono and the Edge of U2 for the James Bond film GoldenEye.


Tina Turner released the Wildest Dreams album in 1996 accompanied by her "Wildest Dreams Tour".


At a July 2000 concert in Zurich, Switzerland, Tina Turner announced that she would retire at the end of the tour.


In November 2004, Tina Turner released All the Best, which debuted at No 2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart in 2005, her highest charting album in the United States.


In December 2005, Turner was recognized by the Kennedy Center Honors at the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC and was elected to join an elite group of entertainers.


Tina Turner made a public comeback in February 2008 at the Grammy Awards, where she performed alongside Beyonce.


In support of the tour, Tina Turner released a greatest hits compilation.


Tina Turner promoted the album by performing on TV shows in Germany and Switzerland.


Tina Turner received the 2018 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and her second memoir, My Love Story, was released in October 2018.


In 2020, Tina Turner released her third book Happiness Becomes You: A Guide to Changing Your Life for Good.


Tina Turner co-wrote the book with American author Taro Gold and Swiss singer Regula Curti.


Tina Turner recalled that this incident was the first time he "instilled fear" in her, but she decided to stay with him because she "really did care about him".


Tina Turner later revealed in I, Tina that Ike was abusive and promiscuous throughout their marriage, which led to her suicide attempt in 1968 by overdosing on Valium pills.


Tina Turner abruptly left Ike after they got into a fight on their way to the Dallas Statler Hilton on July 1,1976.


Tina Turner fled with only 36 cents and a Mobil credit card in her pocket to the Ramada Inn across the freeway.

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Tina Turner retained songwriter royalties from songs she had written, but Ike got the publishing royalties for his compositions and hers.


Tina Turner kept her two Jaguar Cars, furs and jewelry along with her stage name.


Tina Turner gave Ike her share of their Bolic Sound recording studio, publishing companies, real estate, and he kept his four cars.


Ike Tina Turner stated on several occasions that he was never officially married to Tina Turner because he was legally married to another woman at the time of their ceremony.


Tina Turner stated that her birth name was Martha Nell Bullock.


Tina Turner signed her legal name as Martha Nell Turner on multiple contracts.


Tina Turner asked for one more tour with me, and I said, 'No, absolutely not.


In 1986, Tina Turner met German music executive Erwin Bach, who was sent by her European record label to greet Tina Turner at Dusseldorf Airport.


Tina Turner had two biological sons, one with Raymond Hill and the other with Ike Tina Turner.


Tina Turner adopted two of Ike Turner's children, raising them as her own.


Tina Turner was 18 years of age when she gave birth to her eldest son Raymond Craig in on August 20,1958.


Tina Turner was adopted by Ike Turner and his name was changed to Craig Raymond Turner.


Tina Turner was found dead in an apparent suicide in July 2018.


Tina Turner's younger son, Ronald "Ronnie" Renelle Tina Turner, was born on October 27,1960.


Tina Turner played bass guitar in a band called Manufactured Funk with songwriter and musician Patrick Moten, as well as both of his parents' bands.


Tina Turner toured with former Ikette Randi Love as Sweet Randi Love and the Love Thang Band.


Tina Turner told TV Week that "she's still there for the boys" in 1989, but there have been reports in recent years of her estrangement from her sons.


Tina Turner has credited the Liturgy of Nichiren Daishonin and Soka Gakkai International for her introduction to spiritual knowledge.


Tina Turner later stated in her 2020 spiritual memoir Happiness Becomes You that her son, Ronnie Tina Turner, first suggested she might benefit from chanting.


Tina Turner practiced Buddhism with her neighborhood Soka Gakkai International chanting group.

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Dramatizations of Turner chanting were included both in the 1993 film What's Love Got to Do with It and in the 2021 documentary film Tina.


Tina Turner met with the 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso in Einsiedeln, Switzerland, on August 2,2005.


Tina Turner met with Swiss-Tibetan Buddhist singer Dechen Shak-Dagsay and in 2009 co-created a spiritual music project with Shak-Dagsay and Swiss singer Regula Curti called Beyond.


Tina Turner began living at Chateau Algonquin in Kusnacht on the shore of Lake Zurich in 1994.


Tina Turner previously owned property in Cologne, London, and Los Angeles, and a villa on the French Riviera named Anna Fleur.


In 2013, Tina Turner applied for Swiss citizenship, stating she would relinquish her US citizenship.


Tina Turner signed the paperwork to relinquish her American citizenship at the US embassy in Bern on October 24,2013.


Tina Turner revealed in her 2018 memoir My Love Story that she has suffered life-threatening illnesses.


Tina Turner opted for homeopathic remedies to treat her high blood pressure.


Tina Turner's hypertension resulted in damage to her kidneys and eventual kidney failure.


Tina Turner considered assisted suicide and signed up to be a member of Exit, but Bach offered to donate a kidney for her transplant.


Tina Turner is noted for her "swagger, sensuality, gravelly vocals and unstoppable energy", along with her career longevity and her famous legs.


Tina Turner merged sound and movement at a critical turning point in rock history, navigating and reflecting back the technological innovations of a new pop-music era in the 60s and 70s.


Tina Turner catapulted herself to the forefront of a musical revolution that had long marginalized and overlooked the pioneering contributions of African American women and then remade herself again at an age when most pop musicians were hitting the oldies circuit.


Tina Turner previously held a Guinness World Record for the largest paying audience for a solo performer.


Tina Turner won Grammys as a member of USA for Africa, and as a performer at the 1986 Princes Trust concert.


Tina Turner received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1986, and a star on the St Louis Walk of Fame in 1991.


Tina Turner was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a duo with Ike Turner in 1991.