18 Facts About Erdington


Erdington is a suburb and ward of Birmingham in the West Midlands County, England.

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Erdington was part of the Sutton Coldfield constituency before 1974.

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Erdington had its own manor house, Erdington Hall, which was protected on three sides by a double moat and on the fourth by the River Tame.

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Erdington developed as a village as a result of settlers travelling up the course of the River Tame from Tamworth in the 9th century.

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Erdington tried to resist the Normans' attempts to gain possession of Erdington; but he was executed in 1071.

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Erdington was mentioned in the Domesday Book under the name Hardintone and was under the possession of Peter.

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Erdington remained within the precincts of Sutton Forest until 1126, when Henry I exchanged the Manor of Sutton, with forest, for two manors in Rutland belonging to Roger, Earl of Warwick.

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Erdington was connected to Bromford via Bromford Lane, which still exists today in the middle of a 1960s council estate.

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Erdington has had historic ties with both Castle Bromwich and Water Orton through administration, governance and land ownership whilst being part of Aston Parish.

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Also nearby, on Mason Road, is Erdington Swimming Baths which were constructed by the Birmingham Baths Committee, this was a complex including Saunas and a fitness centre as well as a swimming pool, but has now been replaced by a new leisure Centre and Baths on Orphanage Road nearby.

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Erdington Library, Opened in 1907 as a Carnegie library, is a public library operated by Birmingham City Council.

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Erdington is served by the Good Hope Hospital in neighbouring Sutton Coldfield.

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Erdington is served by the John Taylor Hospice and by Northcroft Hospital built on the edge of the site of the former Highcroft Hospital.

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Erdington has relatively little ethnic diversity for a suburb of a major English city.

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Erdington's best known resident was Josiah Mason, the philanthropist whose bust now stands at the centre of the roundabout at the junction of Chester Road and Orphanage Road, which leads on to Berwood Farm Road and Welwyndale Rd, so named because he founded an Orphanage there in 1860.

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Erdington is served by the two adjacent stations on the line, Gravelly Hill, which was opened in 1862, and Chester Road, which opened in 1863.

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Birmingham Erdington is a constituency, which is currently represented by Paulette Hamilton of the Labour Party.

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Erdington has two cricket teams: Highcroft and Great Barr Unity and Erdington Court.

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