35 Facts About Sutton Coldfield


Sutton Coldfield or the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, known locally as Sutton, is a town and civil parish in the City of Birmingham, West Midlands, England.

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The first mention of a manor house attached to the manor of Sutton Coldfield was mentioned in 1315 on a site named Manor Hill, west of the parish church.

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All his possessions were confiscated, including the land at Sutton Coldfield, which was transferred to Thomas Holland, 3rd Earl of Kent.

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Sutton Coldfield immediately gave the lands back; however, Sutton and other manors were given back to her in 1489.

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Sutton Coldfield died in 1492, with all the land returning to the possession of the Crown, with whom it remained until it was incorporated in 1528.

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Manor of Sutton Coldfield was not the only manor house within Sutton Coldfield, as the manor of Langley was noted as being in the possession of the de Bereford family of Wishaw as early as the mid-13th century.

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Sutton Coldfield did not establish itself as a market town like Birmingham was able to, and the market appears to have fallen out of use, as a new charter was later granted to Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick, for a market to be held on the same day, as well as fairs on the eve of Holy Trinity and the eve of St Martin.

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Sutton Coldfield formed a friendship with Thomas Wolsey and started a career in the church, beginning with his appointment as chaplain at the free chapel of St Blaize in his hometown in 1495.

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Sutton Coldfield had returned to the town in 1524 for the funeral of his mother to discover the town had further deteriorated.

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Sutton Coldfield decided to set up residence in the town again and in 1527 obtained two enclosures of land named Moor Yards and Heath Crofts, as well as 40 acres of land for him to construct his own home named Moor Hall.

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Sutton Coldfield then enclosed wooded areas within the land, added gates and fencing around the park, and then arranged for the transfer of horses to the park at his own expense.

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Sutton Coldfield sold the mansion to John Richardson, who died in 1584, leaving an infant son.

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In total, Sutton Coldfield has had 15 watermills, 13 of which were powered by Plants Brook, and the remaining two using an independent water supply.

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Much of the damming in Sutton Coldfield was carried out using stone and gravel quarried from within the town.

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The survey of Sutton Coldfield found that there were 67 hearths and stoves, of which 30 were attributed to two houses owned by the Willoughby family.

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Sutton Coldfield's daughters disapproved of the relationship and she was forced out of her home at Langley Hall, resulting in Wilson constructing Moat House for the couple in 1680.

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Railways quickly led to Sutton Coldfield becoming a popular location for day excursions and picnic parties for the residents of Birmingham, escaping the pollution of the city for the landscapes of Sutton Park.

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Sutton Coldfield was the focus of national attention in 1817 when a young woman named Mary Ashford was found murdered in the town.

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Sutton Coldfield had been attending a party in Erdington on the evening of 26 May 1817, and had left with Abraham Thornton and her friend Hannah Cox, who left Mary and Abraham.

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In 1974, Sutton Coldfield became part of Birmingham when the metropolitan county of the West Midlands was formed.

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Sutton Coldfield Parade is a continuation of Birmingham Road and Lichfield Road.

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Sutton Coldfield that manages the site manages several of the shops on the Parade built at the same time.

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Two clubs currently represent the area; Sutton Coldfield RFC founded and based on the Walmley Road in 1924, while Spartans RFC is located at Coppice Lane.

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Football-wise, Sutton Coldfield is represented by Sutton Coldfield Town FC, which was founded in 1879 and to Paget Rangers FC who share their ground at Coles Lane.

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In 2022 Sutton Coldfield will be the host of the Triathlon for the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which will take place in Sutton Park.

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Sutton Coldfield has been an affluent area in the past leading to the construction of manors and other large houses.

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Sutton Coldfield has four Community Centres and a number of smaller Community Halls all offering classes and events in a wide variety of subjects and interests –.

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On Lichfield Road, Sutton Coldfield is served by a police station, magistrates' court and fire station.

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Also located on the north-eastern outskirts of the area is Sutton Coldfield transmitting station, the first television transmitter to broadcast outside the London area.

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The Sutton Coldfield facilities are on Lichfield Road in the Four Oaks area and in the Wylde Green area to the south, which houses the nursery.

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Sutton Coldfield, specifically the aforementioned Sutton Park, is a pivotal location in Hekla's Children by James Brogden.

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Sutton Coldfield Park was the site of a portal between the physical world and the spirit world of Un.

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Sutton Coldfield has a very active arts community with numerous local amateur dramatic groups, musical theatre companies, orchestras and dance schools.

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The Royal Sutton Coldfield Orchestra was founded in 1975 and regularly arrange public concerts, often featuring guest professionals.

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The Royal Sutton Coldfield Concert Orchestra hold regular local concerts and is a registered charity.

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