29 Facts About Eric Cantona

1. Eric Cantona helped Howard Wilkinson's men to the First Division title making 15 appearances as a handy.

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2. Eric Cantona proved he hasn't given up the banter so synonymous with football clubs and training ground hijinks as he posted a video of himself on Instagram running off with a sleeping man's shoe in Kuala Lumpur International airport.

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3. Eric Cantona proves he still loves a prank as he steals a sleeping man's shoe.

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4. Eric Cantona is most known for his skill on the soccer field.

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5. Eric Cantona gave United the lead with an early penalty, before Mikhail Kavelashvili equalised with 40 minutes gone.

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6. Eric Cantona stars, in his own life, as 'The King'.

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7. Eric Cantona was married to Isabelle Ferrer from 1987 to 2003, they have two children; Raphael and Josephine (born 1995).

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8. In January 2012, Eric Cantona began trying to gather the 500 signatures from elected officials necessary for a bid for the French presidential election, in order to draw support for the homeless charity and campaign group Emmaus.

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9. Eric Cantona continued his interest in beach soccer games in southern Asia and at the Inaugural Kronenbourg Beach Soccer Cup in 2002, in the city of Brighton, England.

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10. Eric Cantona has frequently appeared in commercials for the sportswear company Nike.

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11. Eric Cantona still harbours resentment for the people at the head of his national team but admiration for his adopted football country; at Euro 2004 and the 2006 FIFA World Cup, he supported England and not France.

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12. Eric Cantona remained captain until the Selhurst Park incident in January 1995.

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13. Eric Cantona was given his full international debut against West Germany in August 1987 by national team manager Henri Michel.

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14. In March 2014, Eric Cantona was arrested and cautioned for an act of common assault on Regent's Park Road in Camden, North London.

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15. Eric Cantona opposed the Glazer takeover of Manchester United, and has stated that he will not return to the club, even as a manager, while the Glazer family is in charge.

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16. In 2004, Eric Cantona was quoted as saying, "I'm so proud the fans still sing my name, but I fear tomorrow they will stop.

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17. On 3 February 1996, Eric Cantona returned to Selhurst Park for the first time since the flying kick.

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18. In 2011, Eric Cantona said that the attack on the Crystal Palace supporter was "a great feeling" and a memory he is happy for fans to treasure, but ".

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19. Eric Cantona would never play for the French national team again.

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20. Eric Cantona was issued with the number 7 shirt, a squad number he kept for the rest of his Manchester United career, and which already had iconic status, having previously been worn by club legends including George Best and Bryan Robson.

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21. Eric Cantona made his first appearance for Manchester United in a friendly match against Benfica in Lisbon to mark Eusebio's 50th birthday, wearing the number 10 shirt.

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22. Eric Cantona spent two days with Wednesday, training and playing in an indoor tournament at Sheffield Arena.

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23. Eric Cantona was instrumental as the team went on to win the French Cup and his form persuaded Marseille to take him back.

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24. In his time with SO Caillolais, Eric Cantona played in more than 200 matches.

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25. Eric Cantona began his football career with SO Caillolais, his local team and one that had produced such talent as Roger Jouve and had players such as Jean Tigana and Christophe Galtier within its ranks.

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26. Eric Cantona came from a family of immigrants: his paternal grandfather, Joseph, had emigrated to Marseille from Sardinia, while his mother was from Barcelona.

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27. Eric Cantona has two brothers, Jean-Marie, who is four years older; and Joel, who is 17 months younger.

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28. Eric Cantona took an interest in the sport of beach soccer, and as player-manager of the French national team, he won the 2005 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.

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29. Eric Cantona is affectionately nicknamed by Manchester United fans as "King Eric", and was voted as Manchester United's greatest ever player by Inside United magazine.

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