25 Facts About Errol Flynn

1. Errol Flynn was largely responsible for developing tourism to this area and for a while owned the Titchfield Hotel which was decorated by the artist Olga Lehmann.

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2. Errol Flynn was linked romantically with Lupe Velez, Marlene Dietrich, and Dolores del Rio, among many others.

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3. Errol Flynn narrated a short film titled Cuban Story: The Truth About Fidel Castro Revolution, his last known work as an actor.

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4. Errol Flynn wrote a series of newspaper and magazine articles for the New York Journal American and other publications documenting his time in Cuba with Castro.

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5. Errol Flynn met with Stanley Kubrick to discuss a role in Lolita, but nothing came of it.

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6. Errol Flynn received an offer to make his first Hollywood film in five years: Istanbul, for Universal.

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7. Errol Flynn made a swashbuckler in Italy, Crossed Swords.

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8. Errol Flynn wrote and co-produced his next film, the low budget Adventures of Captain Fabian, directed by Marshall and shot in France.

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9. Errol Flynn was in a melodrama, Escape Me Never, filmed in early 1946 but not released until late 1947, which lost money.

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10. In 1946, Errol Flynn published an adventure novel, Showdown, and earned a reported $184,000.

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11. Errol Flynn tried comedy again with Never Say Goodbye, a comedy of remarriage opposite Eleanor Parker, but it was not a success, grossing $1.77 million in the US.

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12. Many of Errol Flynn's fans founded organisations to publicly protest the accusation.

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13. In September 1942 it was announced that Errol Flynn had signed a new contract with Warners for four films a year, one of which he was to produce.

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14. Errol Flynn had a cameo in Warners' all-star Thank Your Lucky Stars, singing a song.

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15. Errol Flynn became a naturalised American citizen on 14 August 1942.

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16. Errol Flynn started a new long-term relationship with a director when teamed with Raoul Walsh in They Died with Their Boots On, a biopic of George Armstrong Custer.

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17. In 1940, at the zenith of his career, Errol Flynn was voted the fourteenth most popular star in the US and the seventh most popular in Britain according to the Motion Picture Daily Herald.

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18. Errol Flynn had a strong dramatic part in the all-male anti-war film, The Dawn Patrol, alongside David Niven, then made his first Western, Dodge City (1939), with Curtiz and de Havilland.

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19. Errol Flynn travelled to Spain, in 1937, as a war correspondent during the Spanish Civil War.

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20. Errol Flynn appeared opposite Kay Francis in Another Dawn, a melodrama set in a British colony.

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21. Errol Flynn had two scenes, one as a corpse and one in flashback.

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22. Errol Flynn performed at the 1934 Malvern Festival and in Glasgow, and briefly in London's West End.

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23. Errol Flynn spent the next five years oscillating between New Guinea and Sydney.

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24. Errol Flynn made one of his first appearances as a performer in 1918, aged nine, when he served as a page boy to Enid Lyons in a queen carnival.

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25. Errol Flynn was best known for his role as Robin Hood in The Adventures of Robin Hood; his portrayal of the character was named by the American Film Institute as the 18th greatest hero in American film history.

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