17 Facts About Fear Factor


Fear Factor was cancelled by NBC in 2006 after six seasons ; NBC would briefly revive the series for a nine-episode run in 2011.

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Later that year, Fear Factor faced tough competition with the TV ratings champion, Fox's talent series American Idol on Tuesday nights and the ratings declined even further and continued to trend further downward during this period.

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Over its six seasons, Fear Factor earned NBC a reported $600 million in advertising revenue.

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In 2004, Fear Factor became the first network reality show to be syndicated.

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However, as of fall 2006, Fear Factor had left local syndication due to lack of sales of NBCUniversal and was not renewed for another season next fall since NBC canceled Fear Factor after six seasons due to low ratings.

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Video footage of the stunt appeared online after the episode aired on Danish TV in June 2012 and Fear Factor eventually posted short clips of all three stunts on their YouTube channel in July 2014.

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The first season of MTV's Fear Factor premiered on May 30,2017, and concluded on August 22,2017.

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Only once in the history of Fear Factor did the $50,000 prize go unclaimed in an episode; On September 27,2004, a "Best Friends" edition, none of the remaining teams were able to complete the final stunt.

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Some Fear Factor competitions consisted of five or more stunts and featured an increased grand prize.

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Couples Fear Factor episodes had certain stylistic differences from the regular format, including a different opening sequence and onscreen interviews with the contestants .

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Holiday specials :Over the course of the series, Fear Factor produced three Christmas episodes, two Halloween episodes and a Thanksgiving episode.

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MTV's Fear Factor revival continued to use the format of four teams of two people competing in three challenges for a $50,000 grand prize, as in the last two seasons of the NBC series.

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Face Your Fear Factor: This is a challenge tailored to a common fear shared by all of the contestants on a particular episode.

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Fear Factor has received criticism from the general public mainly because of the show's second stunt, which intends to disgust its viewers.

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The association revealed that professional animal trainers have refused to work on the show because the producers of Fear Factor have demanded stunts that violate the association's guidelines.

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Fear Factor'sdisorientation was so severe that he ran into a doorway and seriously injured himself.

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Fear Factor was criticized by major U S electrical utilities for an episode that required contestants to climb through a simulated electrical substation with "electrified wires" replete with simulated sparks and electrical sounds added in post-processing.

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