31 Facts About Fender Telecaster


The Fender Telecaster quickly became a popular model, and has remained in continuous production since its first incarnation.

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Archetypical Fender Telecaster is a solid-body electric guitar with a flat asymmetric single-cutaway body; the body is usually made from alder or ash.

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The Fender Telecaster's body is front-routed for electronics; the bridge pickup is mounted in a metal plate attached to the guitar's bridge, other pickups are mounted in a plastic pickguard, and the controls are mounted in a metal plate on the lower bout of the guitar.

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Fender Telecaster was developed by Leo Fender in Fullerton, California, in 1950.

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Leo Fender's Telecaster was the design that made bolt-on neck, solid body guitars viable in the marketplace.

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Fender Telecaster had an electronics repair shop called Fender Telecaster's Radio Service where he first repaired, then designed, amplifiers and electromagnetic pickups for musicians — chiefly players of electric semi-acoustic guitars, electric Hawaiian lap steel guitars, and mandolins.

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Fender Telecaster's operations expanded to include a line of lap steel guitars, and several of the features of those instruments would be borrowed for a new electric solid-bodied guitar.

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Fender Telecaster has since registered Nocaster as a trademark to denote its modern replicas of this famous rarity.

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Around September 1951, Fender renamed the guitar to Telecaster and started placing these decals on the headstock.

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In 1951, Fender released the innovative and musically influential Precision Bass as a similar looking stable-mate to the Telecaster.

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At the time Leo Fender began marketing the newly designed Stratocaster in 1954, he expected it to replace the Telecaster, but the Telecaster's many virtues and unique musical personality have kept it in demand to the present day.

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Fender Telecaster did not use the traditional hide-glued set-in neck, but rather a bolt-on neck.

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Fender Telecaster has always had a three-position selector switch to allow for different pickup configurations, as well as two knobs for controlling volume and tone.

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In late 1952, Fender Telecaster made several changes to the circuitry of the guitar.

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Notable Elite Fender Telecaster players include Johnny Hallyday, Dave Davies of The Kinks, Michael Houser with Widespread Panic, and Andy Summers of The Police.

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Fender Telecaster is known for its ability to produce both a bright, rich cutting tone and a mellow, warm, bluesy jazz tone depending on the selected pickup, respectively "bridge" pickup or "neck" pickup, and by adjusting the tone control.

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Since this, Fender has developed even more in the way of pickups and tones for the Telecaster, with changes from Alnico III magnets to Alnico V magnets.

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Fender Telecaster has long been a favorite guitar for "hot-rod" customizing.

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The most common variants of the standard two-pickup solid body Fender Telecaster are the semi-hollow Thinline, the Custom, which replaced the neck single coil-pickup with a humbucking pickup, and the twin-humbucker Deluxe.

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In 2011, Fender released the Modern Player Telecaster Thinline as a part of the Modern Player series.

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In 2011 Fender released the entry level Modern Player Telecaster Plus as a part of the Modern Player series.

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In March 2012 the American Standard Fender Telecaster was updated with Custom Shop pickups ; the body is contoured for reduced weight and more comfort.

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In 2014 the American Standard Fender Telecaster HH was introduced, sporting a pair of Twin Head Vintage humbucking pickups.

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Custom Classic Fender Telecaster was the Custom Shop version of the American Series Tele, featuring a pair of Classic and Twisted single-coils in the bridge and neck positions, as well as a reverse control plate.

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The 2011 version of the Custom Shop "Custom Deluxe" Fender Telecaster featured a lightweight Ash body with contoured heel, Birdseye maple neck, and a pickup set that included a Twisted Tele neck pickup and a Seymour Duncan Custom Shop BG-1400 stacked humbucker in the bridge position.

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Highway One Fender Telecaster featured a pair of distortion-friendly alnico III, single-coil pickups, super-sized 22 frets, Greasebucket circuit, satin nitrocellulose finish, and 1970s styling font.

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In 2019, the American Performer Fender Telecaster was introduced as the successor to the American Special.

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In September 2010, Fender introduced the Mexican-made Black Top Telecaster HH, featuring dual hot vintage alnico humbucking pickups, a one-piece maple neck with rosewood or maple fretboard and 22 medium-jumbo frets.

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In 2011, Fender released the Modern Player series, which featured the Modern Player Telecaster Thinline and the Modern Player Telecaster Plus.

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Acoustasonic Fender Telecaster is a combination of an acoustic and electric guitar.

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Fender Telecaster was important in the evolution of country, electric blues, funk, rock and roll, and other forms of popular music.

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