10 Facts About Fleur Pellerin


Fleur Pellerin was born in 1973 in Seoul, South Korea, where she was abandoned on the streets aged only three or four days old before being rescued by an orphanage; six months later she was adopted by a French family.

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Fleur Pellerin graduated from ESSEC business school while she was just 21.

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Fleur Pellerin then graduated from Sciences Po before attending the Ecole nationale d'administration .

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Fleur Pellerin joined the French Court of Auditors where she rose to become a high-ranking civil servant.

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From 2010 to 2012, Fleur Pellerin served as president of the 21st Century Club, a French group that promotes diversity in employment.

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Fleur Pellerin took charge of society and digital economy issues for Socialist Party candidate Francois Hollande in his successful 2012 French presidential election campaign.

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Shortly after Fleur Pellerin was appointed Minister of Culture, the French magazine L'Express reported that she vacationed at the Corsican villa owned by film producer Pascal Breton, raising ethics questions.

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In March 2015, Fleur Pellerin nominated Serge Lasvignes to head the Centre Pompidou, in a surprise choice to replace Alain Seban.

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Fleur Pellerin then became the head of Korelya Capital, an investment fund aimed at emerging technologies which benefited from a 100-million euros funding by the South Korean Naver Corporation.

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Fleur Pellerin is married to Laurent Olleon, an ENA graduate, who works for the Council of State providing legal advice to the French government.

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