15 Facts About FloSports


FloSports is an over-the-top subscription sports broadcaster and streaming service.

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FloSports is based in Austin, Texas, United States, and was founded in 2006.

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FloSports was founded in 2006 by Martin Floreani, Mark Floreani and Madhu Venkatesan based in Austin, Texas.

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In June 2020, FloSports purchased Speed Shift TV and acquired 400 races, with a focus on grassroots racing.

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FloSports acquired TrackWrestling in early 2021, a deal that increased the number of wrestling events that will be streamed on its FloWrestling service and brought wrestling analytics to the platform.

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In October 2021, it was announced that FloSports had acquired HockeyTech, an ice hockey streaming platform and sports data provider.

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FloSports announced a partnership with WWNLive in 2016 to run a streaming service dedicated to wrestling.

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FloSports became the local broadcaster for two Major League Soccer teams for the 2019 season: DC United and FC Cincinnati, an expansion team.

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FloSports faced technical issues during early broadcasts due to inaccurate geofencing restrictions.

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FloSports promised additional soccer broadcasts and shoulder programming to justify its subscription fee that largely never materialized.

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FloSports expanded its wrestling offering through a partnership with United World Wrestling, the global governing body for the sport, in late 2020.

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FloSports became the first to broadcast the race in June 2021 and will stream the race again in 2022.

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FloSports signed a multi-year streaming deal with USA Gymnastics, the national governing body for gymnastics, in 2021.

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In October 2019, FloSports rebranded, and expanded its distribution with the release of an Android app.

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In 2020, FloSports began working on a Watch Party feature for their apps that would allow fans to watch events together, virtually.

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