30 Facts About Frank Mir

1. Frank Mir is the color commentator for Absolute Championship Berkut.

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2. In June 2012, Frank Mir stated in an interview with The Chronicle-Journal that he wants to pursue commentary after he retires from fighting.

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3. Frank Mir was a color commentator for World Extreme Cagefighting until WEC 47, when he was replaced by Stephan Bonnar.

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4. In January 2016, it was announced that Frank Mir would be inducted into the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame.

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5. Frank Mir worked as a bouncer at the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas before entering the UFC and continued to work there as Director of Security while pursuing his UFC career.

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6. Frank Mir successfully won the first round by taking Ayala down and controlling him on the ground.

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7. Frank Mir lost the back-and-forth fight via unanimous decision, although some, including UFC president Dana White, scored the fight in his favor.

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8. Frank Mir earned his second consecutive Performance of the Night bonus.

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9. Frank Mir was expected to face Antonio Silva on February 28, 2015, at UFC 184.

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10. Frank Mir was scheduled to face Alistair Overeem on November 16, 2013, at UFC 167.

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11. Frank Mir lost the fight via TKO in the second round and has since said he will go back to the drawing board and continue his career.

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12. Frank Mir was expected to face Cain Velasquez on May 25, 2012, at UFC 146.

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13. Frank Mir quickly recovered and gained superior positioning, defeating Nogueira by kimura at 3:38 of round 1, snapping Nogueira's arm in the process, as Nogueira refused to tap.

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14. Frank Mir landed several hard knees and elbows from the Muay Thai clinch throughout the entire bout but was unable to finish the very tough Nelson.

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15. Frank Mir showed improved wrestling by pushing Nelson against the cage, completing a Judo hip throw and securing several takedowns in the third round.

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16. Frank Mir lost the fight via knockout at 3:48 of the first round.

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17. Frank Mir had his next fight against Cheick Kongo on December 12, 2009, at UFC 107.

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18. Frank Mir took this opportunity to attempt a jumping right knee, which landed, but ultimately resulted in Lesnar securing another takedown.

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19. Frank Mir faced Hardonk at UFC 74 and won via kimura at 1:17 of the first round.

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20. Frank Mir was scheduled to fight kickboxer Antoni Hardonk at UFC Fight Night 9 on April 5, 2007, but had to drop out due to a shoulder injury.

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21. Frank Mir showed improved striking ability but was quickly stunned by a straight right from Vera, who then dropped him with knees from the Muay Thai clinch.

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22. On September 17, 2004, Frank Mir was knocked off his motorcycle by a car.

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23. Frank Mir submitted Abbott with a toe hold in 46 seconds.

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24. Frank Mir submitted Williams in 46 seconds with an inside shoulder lock that has since been named after himself.

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25. Frank Mir defeated Traven by armbar at 1:05 of round one, earning "Tapout of the Night" in the process.

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26. Frank Mir won the bout by unanimous decision after two rounds.

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27. Frank Mir played fullback and defensive end on the school's American football team, which reached the Southern Zone semifinals in 1997.

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28. Frank Mir joined the wrestling team at Bonanza High School during his junior year and lost his first nine matches.

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29. Frank Mir was the first man to knock out and the first to submit Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.

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30. Frank Mir possessed the longest uninterrupted tenure of any fighter in UFC history.

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