12 Facts About Fred Seibert


Frederick Seibert was born on September 15,1951 and is an American television producer, co-founder of MTV and the CEO of FredFilms, an animation production company based in Burbank, California.

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Fred Seibert is an angel investor in several technology and media start-ups, has produced live action and animated programs for cable television and the internet, and began his professional career as a jazz and blues record producer.

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Fred Seibert began his media career in college radio at Columbia University's WKCR-FM in 1969.

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Fred Seibert was an early employee of New Music Distribution Service, a non-profit distributor of musician-owned record company started by composers Carla Bley and Michael Mantler, before going on the road with Bley's big band as sound engineer and road manager.

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Fred Seibert announced the revival of Oblivion Records in 2021 for a digital release of a historic concert recording of jazz innovator Cecil Taylor.

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Fred Seibert's discography includes records he's produced by musical artists that include Hank Jones, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Willis Jackson, Willis Jackson with Pat Martino, Jaki Byard, Linc Chamberland, Dom Salvador, Tom Pomposello, Johnny Woods, Joe Lee Wilson, Eric Kloss, Richard Davis, Don Patterson and Cecil Taylor.

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Fred Seibert had to develop an alternative promotional strategy that was completely different than traditional networks.

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Fred Seibert continued involvement with the cable TV industry for several years.

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On February 23,2022, Seibert announced the formation of cartoon production company FredFilms, with a first look deal at VIS Kids.

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In March 1999, MTV Networks CEO Tom Freston tapped Fred Seibert to become the first president of the new MTV Networks Online, soon to split into MTV Interactive and Nick.

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Fred Seibert was one of Tumblr's first bloggers, an angel investor in the company, and served on its board before its acquisition.

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On February 21,2012, Fred Seibert launched Cartoon Hangover, a channel on YouTube which consists of various animated shorts and series.

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