54 Facts About Kemba Walker

1. Kemba Walker has relentlessly kept at his game making most of it throughout the seasons.

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2. Kemba Walker displaced teammate Kendall Gill on the list of Hornet all-time scorers with his 4,160 accumulated points on the 3rd of January, 2015 becoming the 10th on the list.

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3. Kemba Walker was recognized as the most outstanding player in both tournaments.

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4. Kemba Walker said he's definitely going to play Monday against the Knicks, Rod Boone of The Athletic reports.

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5. Kemba Walker stays with it, poking the ball away from Marcus Smart twice before taking it the distance for two.

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6. Kemba Walker takes control of an isolation with Lauri Markkanen, as he steps back and splashes the 3-ball.

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7. Kemba Walker was a walking bucket in the first half, dropping 22 points on the Mavericks.

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8. Kemba Walker has a height of 6 feet 1 inch and weighs 83 kg.

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9. Kemba Walker was born in The Bronx, New York on 8 May 1990.

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10. Kemba Walker scored 62.2 FanDuel points in the win, his third-highest total of the season.

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11. Kemba Walker is from NYC and has expressed a desire to make Madison Square Garden his permanent home.

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12. Kemba Walker was announced on Tuesday as a member of the MTN Dew 3-Point Contest lineup, joining Charlotte natives Stephen and Seth Curry as well as several other stars.

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13. Kemba Walker finished with his second-straight 30-point nine-assist game, coming up just short in Tuesday's close loss to the Clippers.

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14. Kemba Walker needs more help, and that can come in the form of Memphis Grizzlies center Marc Gasol, who would be a perfect fit in Charlotte.

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15. Kemba Walker performed three times at the Apollo Theater for the TV show Showtime at the Apollo.

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16. Kemba Walker has two brothers Akil and Keya and one sister Sharifa.

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17. Kemba Walker was named Eastern Conference Player of the Week for the first week of the season.

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18. Kemba Walker notched consecutive 30-point games for the first time since March 2016.

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19. Kemba Walker became the fourth player in franchise history to reach that mark, and became the second-quickest by doing so in his 396th game—Larry Johnson passed the mark in his 355th career game with the Hornets.

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20. Kemba Walker became the first men's basketball player to receive the honor since inaugural class was announced in December 2006.

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21. Kemba Walker contributed 14.6 points per game and led the Huskies in scoring for the eighth time in the last nine games of the season with 18 points at Virginia Tech.

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22. Kemba Walker helped the Huskies go to the 2009 Final Four with a 23-point effort in the Elite Eight vs Missouri.

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23. Kemba Walker helped the Huskies achieve a number one seed in the 2009 NCAA Tournament.

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24. Kemba Walker played the game of his life Saturday at Charlotte's Spectrum Center, scoring a career-high and franchise-record 60 points.

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25. Kemba Walker scores 60, but Hornets lose to Sixers in OT.

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26. Kemba Walker tried to steal the show Saturday night, but Jimmy Butler wouldn't let him.

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27. Kemba Walker set the single-game scoring high this season, but Butler hit the game-winner in just his third game with the 76ers It didn't take Jimmy Butler long to make his presence felt in Philadelphia.

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28. Kemba Walker was putting on a "how dare you leave me off your list of top free agents next summer" kind of show in Charlotte, dropping 60 on Philadelphia while Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid, and.

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29. Kemba Walker scores 60 but Jimmy Butler hits game-winner with.

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30. Kemba Walker was averaging 27.9 points per game heading into the game.

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31. Kemba Walker was limited to seven points on 2-of-16 shooting from the field.

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32. Kemba Walker went to the locker room on Friday but is available to return.

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33. Kemba Walker scored 30 points and added three 3s, nine assists, seven rebounds, a steal and zero turnovers in Friday's thrilling overtime loss to the Sixers.

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34. Kemba Walker drops 29 points in full line on Tuesday.

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35. Kemba Walker continues impressive start to season as Charlottle beat Atlanta.

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36. Kemba Walker keeps getting better—but can the Hornets make it matter?.

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37. In 2011, Kemba Walker signed a multi-year sponsorship deal with Under Armour.

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38. On June 21, 2011, Kemba Walker released a mixtape in collaboration with DJ Skee and Skee Sports.

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39. Kemba Walker established a new team record with his 44th consecutive made free throw.

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40. On February 8, Kemba Walker was named as the replacement for the injured Kristaps Porzingis in the 2018 NBA All-Star Game, marking his second consecutive All-Star selection.

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41. Kemba Walker had a stellar game four in the Eastern Conference Playoffs first round against the Miami Heat with teammate Al Jefferson unable to play due to a Plantar fasciitis injury.

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42. On November 14, 2012, Kemba Walker hit his first game winner of his NBA career against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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43. Kemba Walker signed a multi-year shoe deal with Under Armour, the first rookie from the 2011 Draft Class to do so.

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44. Kemba Walker was selected 9th overall in the 2011 NBA draft by the Charlotte Bobcats.

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45. Kemba Walker announced that he would leave UConn to enter the 2011 NBA draft on April 12.

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46. Kemba Walker was added to the Huskies of Honor upon the team's return from Houston at a pep rally to celebrate the National Title.

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47. Kemba Walker was named the winner of the Bob Cousy Award for the top point guard in the nation.

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48. Kemba Walker scored 130 points in five games, a Big East Tournament record and the most points scored in any conference tournament in the past 15 seasons.

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49. Kemba Walker appeared on one of the six regional covers Sports Illustrated.

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50. Kemba Walker played college basketball for the Connecticut men's basketball team.

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51. Kemba Walker was drafted ninth overall by the Charlotte Bobcats in the 2011 NBA draft.

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52. Kemba Walker is playing with first-round flair so far this.

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53. Kemba Walker scored 21 points and added five rebounds and six assists in Thursday's loss to the Thunder.

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54. Kemba Walker has become an MVP-level star, and the Hornets are in position to help everyone realize it.

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