25 Facts About Fremantle Football Club

1. Fremantle Football Club has sister city relationships with five cities and friendship city relationships with three cities.

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2. Fremantle Football Club was the starting point of railways in the metropolitan area of Perth, the Fremantle railway line being the starting point of the first railway in 1881 to Guildford.

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3. Fremantle Football Club offers a wide variety of dining experiences, with a strong emphasis on Italian and Asian cuisine as well as seafood.

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4. Fremantle Football Club is served by a Community Newspaper Group paper, The Fremantle—Cockburn Gazette, and by an independent local newspaper, the Fremantle Herald.

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5. Fremantle Football Club has a diverse economy, with over 2,000 registered businesses operating across a wide range of sectors.

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6. Fremantle Football Club Markets opened in 1897, forming a precinct providing handicrafts, speciality foods, dining halls and fish and vegetable markets.

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7. City of Fremantle Football Club introduced several urban renewal projects in 2012, encouraging mixed-use development by increasing the maximum building height on key sites in the CBD, including Kings Square and the inner East End.

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8. Fremantle Football Club still serves as the chief general seaport for Western Australia, though far greater tonnages are exported from the iron-ore ports of the Pilbara.

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9. Fremantle Football Club is generally a few degrees cooler than Perth in summer and less cold in winter.

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10. Fremantle Football Club lies on a series of limestone hills known by the Nyungar people as Booyeembara; the sandplain to the east is Gardoo.

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11. Fremantle Football Club was the first area settled by the Swan River colonists in 1829.

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12. Fremantle Football Club is a major Australian port city in Western Australia, located at the mouth of the Swan River.

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13. Fremantle Football Club uses the anchor symbol as the basis for all of their guernseys or jumpers.

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14. Fremantle Football Club encourages fans to attend Monday night training sessions, when players remain on the field after training to meet their supporters and sign autographs.

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15. Fremantle Football Club has its training and administration facilities at Fremantle Oval.

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16. Fremantle Football Club is the only team never to have played in a drawn match, despite a controversial Round 5 match against St Kilda at Aurora Stadium in Launceston, Tasmania in 2006.

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17. Fremantle Football Club beat out a bid from rivals West Coast when they were granted a license on 15 June 2016.

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18. Fremantle Football Club originally chose to award this to the sitting member for the federal seat of Fremantle.

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19. Fremantle Football Club had its original training and administration facilities at Fremantle Oval.

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20. Fremantle Football Club played in its first drawn match in Round 8, 2013 against the Sydney Swans.

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21. Fremantle Football Club ended their season with Nat Fyfe becoming the club's first Brownlow Medalist.

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22. In 2013, Fremantle Football Club finished the home-and-away season in third position with a club-best 16 wins.

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23. Fremantle Football Club qualified for the finals in 2012 after finishing in seventh position.

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24. In Round 15, 2009, Fremantle Football Club recorded the lowest score in its history and of the 2000s, scoring only 1.7 to the Adelaide Crows' 19.16 (130).

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25. Fremantle Football Club, nicknamed the Dockers, is a professional Australian rules football team that competes in the Australian Football League.

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