15 Facts About Frozen 2


Frozen 2, stylized as Frozen II, is a 2019 American computer-animated musical fantasy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios as their 58th film and the sequel to Frozen .

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Frozen 2 II was nominated for Best Original Song at the 92nd Academy Awards, and received numerous other accolades.

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Frozen 2's follows it, unintentionally awakening the elemental spirits and forcing everyone in the kingdom to evacuate.

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Frozen 2's learns that the dam was built as a ruse to reduce Northuldran resources, because of Runeard's contempt for the tribe's connection with magic and his intention to eliminate them and incorporate their region into the kingdom.

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Frozen 2's sends this information to Anna before she becomes frozen when she ventures into the most dangerous part of Ahtohallan.

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Frozen 2 II has been interpreted as a critique of colonialism and as advocating reparation.

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Racial issues in Frozen 2 II are mitigated by making Elsa and Anna half Northuldran, and their mother is depicted as a heroine who saved their father from death during the battle.

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Iger said that the Frozen 2 franchise "is something that is kind of forever for the company", similar to The Lion King.

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Frozen 2 II underwent significant revisions after its first test screening in San Diego; Disney Animation discovered that although adults liked the film, children found it hard to follow.

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Frozen 2 II made use of advancements in technology, artistic performance, and skeletal animation.

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Lopez and Anderson-Lopez returned from Frozen 2 to write songs for the sequel, and Christophe Beck returned as composer.

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Frozen 2 wanted it to reflect the film's complex, intense imagery.

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Frozen 2's edited the footage down to six episodes, about 35 to 45 minutes long.

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Frozen 2 II continues in the same nonthreatening, emancipatory vein, jumping to life when Elsa responds to the siren's call.

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Dargis cited Frozen 2 II engaging visual imagery, balanced by romance and history, and Minow noted the film's autumnal palette.

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