25 Facts About Fukuoka


Fukuoka is the sixth-largest city in Japan, the second-largest port city after Yokohama, and the capital city of Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

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Fukuoka is the most populous city on the island, followed by Kitakyushu.

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Central Fukuoka is sometimes still referred as Hakata which is the name of the central ward.

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In 923, the Hakozaki Shrine in Fukuoka was established when the god Hachiman was transferred from the Daibu shrine in Honami.

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Fukuoka was formerly the residence of the powerful daimyo of Chikuzen Province, and played an important part in the medieval history of Japan.

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When Hakata and Fukuoka decided to merge, a meeting was held to decide the name for the new city.

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Fukuoka is bordered on three sides by mountains, surrounds Hakata Bay and opens on the north to the Genkai Sea.

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Fukuoka has a humid subtropical climate, hot and humid summers, and relatively mild winters.

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Fukuoka is not as seismically active as many other parts of Japan, but does experience occasional earthquakes.

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Fukuoka is Japan's youngest major city and has Japan's fastest growing population.

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Fukuoka is the economic center of the Kyushu region, with an economy largely focused on the service sector.

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Fukuoka is the home of many small firms playing a supportive role in the logistics, IT, and high-tech manufacturing sectors.

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Fukuoka is the primary economic center of the Fukuoka-Kitakyushu metropolitan area, which is the 4th largest economy in Japan.

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Several regional broadcasters are based in the city, including Fukuoka Broadcasting Corporation, Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting, Love FM, RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, and Television Nishinippon Corporation.

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Port of Hakata and Fukuoka Airport make the city a key regional transportation hub.

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Fukuoka was selected as one of Newsweeks 10 "Most Dynamic Cities" in its July 2006 issue.

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Fukuoka has a diverse culture and a wide range of cultural attractions.

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Fukuoka Castle, located adjacent to Ohori Park in Maizuru Park, features the remaining stone walls and ramparts left after a devastating fire during the upheaval of the Meiji Restoration.

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Sky Dream Fukuoka, in Fukuoka's western ward, was a Ferris wheel with a height of 120 meters and was closed in September 2009.

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Fukuoka Tower is near the beach in Seaside Momochi, a development built for the 1989 Asia-Pacific Exhibition.

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Itoshima, to the west of Fukuoka city, has recently become a very popular tourist destination.

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Fukuoka is home to many festivals that are held throughout the year.

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Fukuoka is served by Fukuoka Airport, the San'yo Shinkansen and the Kyushu Shinkansen high-speed rail line and other JR Kyushu trains at Hakata Station and by ferry.

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Fukuoka is the home of the Fukuoka SoftBank Hawks, one of Japan's top professional baseball teams.

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Fukuoka City operates all public elementary and junior high schools, while the prefecture operates the high schools.

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