12 Facts About Garett Bischoff


Garett Bischoff was born on April 20,1984 and is an American professional wrestler.


Garett Bischoff is known for his time in Impact Wrestling and is the son of pro-wrestling executive and personality Eric Bischoff.


Garett Bischoff studied Firearms Technology at the Sonoran Desert Institute in Tempe, AZ.


Garett Bischoff owns a clothing line called One Bad Cat Inc.


Garett Bischoff made his debut as a referee for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, under the ring name Jackson James on November 7,2010 at Turning Point.


Garett was officially revealed during a match between Sting and Hulk Hogan on October 16,2011 at Bound for Glory as Eric Bischoff's son when Garett reluctantly called the ring bell for a submission, which led to Eric hitting his son with a steel chair following the match, starting a rivalry between the two, in the process of removing him from Immortal and turning face.


Garett Bischoff returned on the January 5,2012, edition of Impact Wrestling, in a backstage segment where Sting told him that he was no longer a referee and was being officially welcomed to the roster.

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Garett Bischoff won the match for his team by pinning Eric, forcing his father out of TNA in the process.


Garett Bischoff explained his turn the following week, claiming he got no respect from the fans.


On June 13,2014, Garett Bischoff made his debut in National Wrestling Alliance Florida Underground Wrestling defeating The Grease.


On March 5,2015, Garett Bischoff made his debut at Coastal Wrestling Federation in Houston, Texas, defeating Santana, Slam Shady, Lee Megidoo.


Garett Bischoff then returned in action at Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling to team with his friend Wes Brisco, with whom he won the ARW Tag Team Championship one time.