12 Facts About Gary LaRocque


Gary LaRocque is the director of player development for the St Louis Cardinals, a Major League Baseball franchise.

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Gary LaRocque played Minor League Baseball for three seasons, managed for eight and has served as a coach, regional professional scout, and scouting director.

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Gary LaRocque became a coach and then a field manager in the Los Angeles Dodgers' minor league system from 1981 to 1988.

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Gary LaRocque guided the Lethbridge Dodgers, the Gulf Coast Dodgers, the San Antonio Dodgers and the Bakersfield Dodgers.

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Gary LaRocque was named the Pioneer Baseball League's Manager of the Year in 1981.

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Until 1998, Gary LaRocque continued to work in various roles for the Dodgers.

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Gary LaRocque signed David Wright out of Chesapeake, Virginia, in 2001.

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In 2010, Gary LaRocque's responsibilities shifted from player scouting to player development.

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Gary LaRocque then became the top advisor to John Vuch, who had shifted to the position of farm director.

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Gary LaRocque worked personally with the staff at each of the Cardinals' minor league affiliates.

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Gary LaRocque implemented an approach to creating methods of challenging minor league prospects in environments beyond their conventional skill placement.

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Gary LaRocque has one son named Chris and one daughter named Ashley.

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