12 Facts About George Dzundza


George Dzundza is an American television and film actor.


George Dzundza's parents were forced into factory labour by the Nazis.


George Dzundza spent the first few years of his life in displaced persons camps with his parents and one brother.


George Dzundza attended St Johns University and studied under Stella Adler and Harold Clurman.


George Dzundza began acting in his freshman year of college at the insistence of another student.


George Dzundza starred in a short-lived 1981 sitcom series Open All Night, about the owner of a "Store 364" convenience store in Inglewood, California.


George Dzundza portrayed American Nazi leader Frank Collin in the 1981 made-for-television movie Skokie.


In 1987, George Dzundza played Sam Hesselman, a disabled man in a wheelchair, in No Way Out and Commander Daskal in The Beast.


George Dzundza quit after the first season of the show, making his last full appearance in the season finale, "The Blue Wall".


George Dzundza's character was murdered in the second season premiere episode, "Confession".


George Dzundza's other acting work includes an appearance on The Waltons, playing the Archie Bunker-like father in the short-lived Christina Applegate sitcom Jesse, and voicing supervillain the Ventriloquist in Batman: The Animated Series and Perry White in Superman: The Animated Series, as well as numerous minor roles such as G Carl Francis and Dr Gregory Belson, within both shows.


George Dzundza has been married since 1982 to Mary Jo Vermeulen.