9 Facts About Christina Applegate

1. In 2013 Christina Applegate married Martyn LeNoble, with whom she has one child.

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2. At the beginning of her career, Christina Applegate appeared in various commercials and in 1979 she acted in her first movie, called "Jaws of Satan".

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3. Around this time, Christina Applegate met Lee Grivas, a fisherman and aspiring photographer.

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4. In February 2015 Christina Applegate was awarded the Saint Vintage Love Cures Award from unite4:humanity and Saint Vintage, for her dedication to and work with Right Action for Women.

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5. In 2015 Christina Applegate starred with Ed Helms in the National Lampoon sequel Vacation, the fifth full-length movie episode of the road-trip comedies.

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6. In 2004 Christina Applegate starred alongside Ben Affleck in the holiday comedy Surviving Christmas, and alongside Matt Dillon in Employee of the Month.

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7. In 1998 Christina Applegate was given the title role in the NBC sitcom Jesse.

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8. In 1996 Christina Applegate auditioned for the role of Rose in James Cameron's blockbuster hit fim Titanic, but lost to Kate Winslet.

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9. In 1986 Christina Applegate won the role of Robin Kennedy, a policeman's daughter, in the police drama series Heart of the City.

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