16 Facts About Will Ferrell

1. In 2006, Will Ferrell explained to People Magazine how the proposal really went down:.

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2. In 1995, Will Ferrell officially became a member of the Sunday Night Live.

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3. At this point, Will Ferrell perfected his impersonation skills which made him famous.

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4. In 2003, Will Ferrell starred in the Christmas movie "Elf".

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5. In 1996, Will Ferrell was in the movie Kingpin as an extra, but he was never given credit.

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6. In 2009 Will Ferrell made his Broadway debut in the one-man play You're Welcome America.

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7. In 2002 Will Ferrell left SNL to focus on a film career, often collaborating with Adam McKay, a writer and director he had met on SNL.

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8. Toward the end of his tenure, Will Ferrell became the highest-paid SNL cast member of all time, raking in $350,000 per season starting in 2001.

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9. UC Berkeley student Kelsey Will Ferrell speaks on new album, social justice.

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10. On January 7, 2016, it was announced that Will Ferrell would become a part-owner of Los Angeles FC, a Major League Soccer team set to begin playing in 2018, one of several celebrity owners of the team alongside Mia Hamm and Magic Johnson.

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11. In the episode, Will Ferrell came across various unique situations, which included eating the eye of a reindeer.

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12. In August 2000, Will Ferrell married Swedish actress Viveca Paulin, whom he met in 1995 at an acting class.

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13. When asked about why he became a co-owner Will Ferrell said "I don't really have a side per se until LAFC get started and that will definitely be, obviously, my team.

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14. In August 2009, Will Ferrell decided not to do the film.

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15. In May 2009, it was announced that Will Ferrell was in talks to star in Neighborhood Watch, a comedy about an urbanite who moves to the suburbs and uncovers a conspiracy.

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16. The film "belongs to Mr Will Ferrell", declared the New York Times, which described how he "uses his hilarious, anxious zealotry to sell the part.

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