15 Facts About German Wikipedia


German Wikipedia is the German-language edition of Wikipedia, a free and publicly editable online encyclopedia.

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German Wikipedia is criticized because of several ongoing political manipulations by paid editing who face a small and overwhelmed number of administrators.

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German edition of Wikipedia was the first non-English Wikipedia subdomain, and was originally named.

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The earliest article still available on German Wikipedia's site is apparently Polymerase-Kettenreaktion, dated May 2001.

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In February 2005, German Wikipedia reached third place behind Firefox and Valentine's Day.

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German Wikipedia is different from the English Wikipedia in a number of aspects.

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German Wikipedia has two levels of sighting status which act like the English Wikipedia's pending changes protection: Passive sighter and Active sighter.

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The German Wikipedia had a rather lengthy discussion about the suitable title and categories, as denied the description of Donauturm as a "TV tower".

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German Wikipedia's coverage was found to be more complete and up to date; however, Brockhaus was judged to be more clearly written, while several German Wikipedia articles were criticized as being too complicated for non-experts, and many as too lengthy.

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The German Wikipedia articles had to be converted to the XML format used by Digibib.

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New release of German Wikipedia content was published by Directmedia on 6 April 2005.

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German Wikipedia has been criticized for the deletion of articles because they seem "irrelevant" to those who deleted them, even though they seem expedient, meaningful, well written and extensive enough to other people.

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In March 2005, the German news magazine Der Spiegel published an article on the Rwandan genocide in its online edition; it was a copy of Wikipedia's article.

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The report suggests that the German Wikipedia article had been repeatedly altered in line with his claims by an anonymous user operating within the Bundestag building, but Heilmann denied having been involved in an edit war.

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Parodies of the German Wikipedia include Kamelopedia, created in April 2004, Stupidedia, created in December 2004, and the German version of Uncyclopedia, created in August 2005.

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