17 Facts About Girton College


Girton College is one of the 31 constituent colleges of the University of Cambridge.

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Girton College has a reputation for admitting a high number of UK state-school students, its community feel, and for musical talent.

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Girton College was established on 16 October 1869 under the name of the Girton College for Women at Benslow House in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, which was considered to be a convenient distance from Cambridge and London.

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On 27 April 1948, women were admitted to full membership of the University of Cambridge, and Girton College received the status of a college of the university.

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Girton College had already amended its statutes in 1971 in such a way as to allow the admission of men should the Governing Body vote in favour at an unspecified date in the future.

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Girton College became co-residential as well, which meant that male and female students shared the same facilities.

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Girton College presides over the college council and several college committees.

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The Graduate Union specifically identified Girton College as providing an insufficient amount of housing to married postgraduates, with no rooms available at Swirles Court for married students.

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In 2017, Girton College moved the graduate accommodation from Wolfson Court to Swirles Court.

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Today, the gardens of Girton are large compared to those of other Cambridge colleges.

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Since 2002, Girton College has held the millennial exhibition of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, entitled People's Portraits.

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Girton College then won the bid to house the collection, to which new works are added annually.

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Girton College alumni are currently raising money in order to build a new sports pavilion.

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Recent Girton Balls have become much larger and more decadent than their earlier counterparts and the majority of the College site is included in the Ball area.

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Girton College gown has the standard pattern of an undergraduate gown at the University of Cambridge, with the sleeves sewn up for a length of eight inches from the shoulder.

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Girton College has a traditional two-word grace and a more recent full grace, both in Latin.

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Oldest college song, The Girton Pioneers, was composed by several students in Hitchin in 1873.

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