25 Facts About Grant Fuhr


Grant Fuhr was a six-time All-Star, and in 2003, he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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In 2017, Grant Fuhr was named one of the 100 Greatest NHL Players in history.

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Grant Fuhr set a number of firsts for black hockey players in the NHL, including being the first to win the Stanley Cup and being the first inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Grant Fuhr was born to one African-Canadian parent and one Caucasian parent, but was adopted by parents Betty Wheeler and Robert Grant Fuhr and raised in Spruce Grove, Alberta.

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Grant Fuhr played ten seasons for the Oilers, where he teamed up first with Andy Moog, then Bill Ranford to form one of the most formidable goaltending tandems in history, winning the Stanley Cup four times in five seasons .

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Grant Fuhr was involved with the infamous goal where Steve Smith scored on his own net to cost the Oilers the '86 playoffs against the Calgary Flames.

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Grant Fuhr was the team's starting goaltender on the first four teams, but was injured and did not play in the 1990 playoffs, when the Oilers won for the fifth time.

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In 1987, Grant Fuhr played in goal for the NHL All-Stars in both games of the Rendez-Vous '87 series against the Soviet National Team.

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Grant Fuhr won his only Vezina Trophy as the NHL's top goaltender that year and finished second in voting for the Hart Memorial Trophy as league MVP, behind Mario Lemieux and ahead of teammate Wayne Gretzky.

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Grant Fuhr's playoff success fed into his reputation as the supreme clutch goaltender of his era, and there was a period of time from 1987 through at least 1989 where Grant Fuhr was often called "the best goaltender in the world".

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Grant Fuhr had come forward about his drug use after spending two weeks in a counselling centre in Florida.

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Grant Fuhr admitted that he used "a substance" for some seven years, or most of the period that the Oilers rested at the top of the NHL.

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Once Grant Fuhr was re-instated, fans of opposing teams taunted him at games with bags of sugar.

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In May 1993, while a member of the Sabres, Grant Fuhr was denied membership in the neighbouring Transit Valley Country Club.

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Club officials denied they rejected Grant Fuhr based on his race; rather, his application contained "incorrect and incomplete" information.

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Various acts of vandalism at the club occurred after news of Grant Fuhr's rejection surfaced, including an incident where vandals burned a swastika onto one of the greens.

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Grant Fuhr rejected the membership and joined nearby Lancaster Country Club.

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Grant Fuhr played 79 games that season, 76 consecutively, both NHL records.

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The 1996 playoff run for Grant Fuhr ended prematurely as Maple Leafs forward Nick Kypreos ran into him in the crease in the first round, causing him to tear several knee ligaments.

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Grant Fuhr was named to the 1984 Canada Cup team but saw limited action during the tournament due to an injury.

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Grant Fuhr was again selected to represent Canada for the 1987 Canada Cup.

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Grant Fuhr played for Canada at the 1989 World Championships where he won a silver medal.

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Grant Fuhr has four children from previous marriages and a step-daughter.

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Grant Fuhr was a regular competitor at the American Century Championship, an annual competition to determine the best golfers among American sports and entertainment celebrities.

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Grant Fuhr was inducted in the Alberta Sports Hall of Fame in 2004.

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