17 Facts About Graymalkin


Graymalkin is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Graymalkin is a member of the Young X-Men and is named after the address of the Xavier Institute.

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Jonas Graymalkin was the only child born to Charles and Marcia Graymalkin over two centuries ago.

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Graymalkin's family lived on the land where the Xavier Institute would eventually be built in New York.

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Graymalkin's father was so consumed with disgust, he buried Jonas alive.

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Graymalkin takes to observing the Young X-Men from the shadows, watching them leave to confront Sunspot's Brotherhood of Mutants.

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Graymalkin later confronts Cyclops and reveals not only his mutant powers—super-strength when in darkness—but that Cyclops is actually Donald Pierce in disguise.

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Later, despite her defeating Pierce, Graymalkin is distrusting of Magma who earlier used her powers to solidify an attacking Dust into glass.

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Graymalkin later convinces him to trust her by transforming Sooraya back to her normal form.

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Graymalkin is very protective of the Young X-Men, though they were for the most part originally unaware of his existence.

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Graymalkin asks Graymalkin if she has permission to look in his mind, though he emphatically refuses.

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Graymalkin is seen fighting alongside the other X-Men in San Francisco during the Skrull invasion.

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When Hellion taunts the protesters, Trask incites a riot and Graymalkin is seen fighting them off alongside Anole and Beast.

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Graymalkin has a number of abilities that wax and wane with exposure to light.

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Graymalkin's powers appear to strengthen with a lack of light, and he is weaker with exposure to light, though he is not powerless.

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Graymalkin possesses night vision allowing him to see clearly in total darkness.

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Graymalkin now speaks with a more current manner and remains on a team of X-Men with Anole, Emma Frost, Wolverine, and an incapacitated and greatly aged Ink.

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