13 Facts About Greg Palast


Gregory Allyn Palast was born on June 26,1952 and is an author and a freelance journalist who often worked for the BBC and The Guardian.


Greg Palast said his desire to write about class warfare is rooted in his upbringing in the "ass-end of Los Angeles," a neighborhood wedged between a power plant and a dump.


Greg Palast said that kids in that neighborhood had two choices: Vietnam or the auto plant.


Greg Palast was saved from the war by a favorable draft number.


Greg Palast attended John H Francis Polytechnic High School, and transferred to San Fernando Valley State College in 1969 before completing his senior year of high school.


Since 2000, Greg Palast has made more than a dozen films for the BBC programme Newsnight with the Investigations Producer Meirion Jones, which have been broadcast in the UK and worldwide.


Greg Palast spoke at a Think Twice conference held at Cambridge University and lectured at the University of Sao Paulo.

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Karl Rove

Greg Palast appeared in the 2004 documentary Orwell Rolls in His Grave, which focuses on the hidden mechanics of the media.


In May 2007, Greg Palast said he'd received 500 emails that former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove exchanged through an account supplied by the Republican National Committee.


Greg Palast says the emails show a plan to target likely Democratic voters with extra scrutiny over their home addresses, and he believes Rove's plan was a factor in the firing of US Attorneys.


Greg Palast has conducted a multi-year investigation into Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program.


In 2014, Greg Palast investigated Crosscheck for Al Jazeera America, finding that the program was inherently biased toward removing minority voters from states' voter rolls.


Greg Palast has taken issue with the official story behind the grounding of the Exxon Valdez, claiming the sobriety of the Valdez's captain was not an issue in the accident.