11 Facts About Gushri Khan


Gushi Khan was a Khoshut prince and founder of the Khoshut Khanate, who supplanted the Tumed descendants of Altan Khan as the main benefactor of the Dalai Lama and the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism.

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In 1637, Gushi Gushri Khan defeated a rival Mongol prince Choghtu Khong Tayiji, a Kagyu follower, near Qinghai Lake and established his khanate in Tibet over the next years.

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Gushri Khan was descended from a younger brother of Genghis Khan, Qasar.

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Gushri Khan drew up plans to end persecution of the Gelug and unify Tibet with the help of Gushi.

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Gushri Khan was joined in a pro-Gelugpa league by the other Oirat princes: his nephews Uchirtu Sechen and Ablai Tayiji in the Zaysan and Ertis areas; furthermore Erdeni Batur, whose Dzungar and Dorbet Oirat subjects lived by the Ulungur, Irtysh and Emil Rivers, and even the Torghut chief Kho Orluk, who was in the process of subduing areas to the north of the Aral and Caspian Seas.

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Gushri Khan did send a permanent representative to the Khoshut to maintain good relations.

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Gushi Gushri Khan returned to his newly conquered realm in Qinghai, where the Khoshuts resolved to settle down.

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Gushri Khan allied with the Tsangpa ruler Karma Tenkyong and sent a message, suggesting that the troops of Kham and Tsang would attack the Gelugpa stronghold in U in concert.

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Gushi Gushri Khan then declared that he bestowed the supreme authority of Tibet on Dalai Lama, from Tachienlu in the east to the Ladakh border in the west.

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The incensed Gushi Gushri Khan gave orders to execute his royal prisoner Karma Tenkyong, while his army ravaged Kongpo and killed 7,000 rebels.

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Gushri Khan tended to spend the summers in the pastureland of Dam by the Tengri-nor Lake, some 80 miles to the north of Lhasa which he visited in wintertime.

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