13 Facts About Hajipur


Hajipur is the 16th most populous city of Bihar, besides being the second-fastest developing city, next to Patna.

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Hajipur is the only twin city of Patna and lies nearest to the capital and shares most of its government works, headquarters, educational institutions.

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The village of Hajipur gained significance, as it was the venue of one of the discourses given by Buddha.

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In British India, Hajipur was a small town in the Muzaffarpur district situated on the confluence of the Ganges and Gandak.

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Hajipur is the headquarters of Vaishali after its separation from Muzaffarpur district on 12 October 1972.

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Hajipur city is bounded by the Gandak river in the west and the holy Ganges in the south.

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Economy of Hajipur is largely service orientated, but it has an agricultural base and industrial sector.

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Schools in Hajipur are either government run schools or private schools.

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Hajipur Junction is directly connected to most of the major cities in India.

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Luxury bus service in Hajipur running via NH-31 connects several neighbouring cities is provided by the Bihar State Road Transport Corporation.

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Hajipur is connected to other parts of India through national and state highways.

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Hajipur is well connected with roads to various major cities of Bihar like Patna, Sonpur, Vaishali, Muzaffarpur, Samastipur, and Chhapra.

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Hajipur has its own home network of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, India's state-owned telecom and internet services provider.

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