23 Facts About Hampshire

1. New Hampshire has registered an official tartan with the proper authorities in Scotland, used to make kilts worn by the Lincoln Police Department while its officers serve during the games.

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2. In summer and early autumn, New Hampshire is home to many county fairs, the largest being the Hopkinton State Fair, in Contoocook.

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3. New Hampshire is the home of several prestigious university-preparatory schools, such as Phillips Exeter Academy, St Paul's School, Brewster Academy, and Kimball Union Academy.

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4. New Hampshire has 25 public-use airports, three with some scheduled commercial passenger service.

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5. New Hampshire has a well-maintained, well-signed network of Interstate highways, US highways, and state highways.

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6. New Hampshire is internationally known for the New Hampshire primary, the first primary in the quadrennial American presidential election cycle.

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7. New Hampshire is a "Dillon Rule" state, meaning the state retains all powers not specifically granted to municipalities.

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8. New Hampshire has 10 counties and 234 cities and towns.

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9. New Hampshire is the only state in the US that does not require adults to wear seat belts in their vehicles.

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10. New Hampshire is an alcoholic beverage control state, and through the State Liquor Commission it takes in $100 million from the sale and distribution of liquor.

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11. New Hampshire has potential for renewable energies like wind power, hydroelectricity, and wood fuel.

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12. New Hampshire experienced a major shift in its economic base during the last century.

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13. New Hampshire was a Jacksonian stronghold; the state sent Franklin Pierce to the White House in the election of 1852.

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14. New Hampshire was one of the thirteen colonies that rebelled against British rule during the American Revolution.

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15. New Hampshire has the shortest ocean coastline of any state in the United States, approximately 18 miles long.

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16. New Hampshire is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

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17. New Hampshire gained a measure of international attention in 1905 when Portsmouth Naval Base played host to the signing of the treaty ending the Russo-Japanese War, known as the Treaty of Portsmouth.

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18. New Hampshire has modest manufacturing, especially of electronics, as well as professional and science services.

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19. New Hampshire now has lost 11 straight and is winless against Division I opponents.

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20. New Hampshire had a 10-game winning streak against the Bearcats and had swept the season series with Binghamton the last four years.

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21. In 2018, Hampshire had a GDP per capita of £22,100, comparable with the UK as a whole.

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22. The most populous district of Hampshire is New Forest District.

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23. At its greatest size in 1890, Hampshire was the fifth-largest county in England.

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